This is Lizzie Velásquez in 2022

Each individual faces their very own struggles in the case of their seems to be and/or shallowness.

It could be that you just wish to shed pounds, or possibly you wish to repair your enamel? There’s at all times one thing that you just’d most likely like to enhance.

Nicely, each time I really feel like I want motivation, I’ll at all times take into consideration Lizzie Velásquez from Austin, Texas.

Lizzie was born with a particularly uncommon genetic dysfunction that forestalls her from gaining weight, which in flip impacts her look.

Being tormented can break any individual’s coronary heart and thoughts, however Lizzie was assured that these individuals wouldn’t be those prevailing. At present, she’s turned her life round and he or she’s now a worldwide motivational speaker.

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane to when you were 16?

It was a time of change, filled with a rush of hormones, emotions, and mental challenges. Looking back, I have both good and bad memories from that period, but overall, it was a time that I cherish.

But what if, at 16 years old, you were subjected to online hate and cyberbullying? Imagine being labeled as “The Ugliest Girl/Man in the World,” with a video to prove it.

This video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, and the comments are filled with hurtful words and negativity.

How would that make you’re feeling?

Lizzie Velásquez
Fb / Lizzie Velásquez

For Lizzie Velásquez, this was the tragic actuality. She was teased all through her college years – each in individual and on the web – and it may’ve so simply damaged her.

However Lizzie had different plans. She determined to place all these destructive vibes collectively and as an alternative flip them into one thing optimistic. That’s why we love her dearly, and wish to unfold her inspirational story.

Lizzie Velásquez
Fb / Lizzie Velásquez

I’ll share this with my pals, and I’d love so that you can do the identical.

Lizzie Velásquez

Lizzie Velásquez was born March 13, 1989, in Austin, Texas.

When Lizzie was born, she weighed a mere 2 pounds and 11 ounces, setting her apart from the other newborns at the hospital.

Despite her small size, Lizzie didn’t perceive that she was different since she had always been just Lizzie. However, when she started kindergarten at the age of five, she immediately noticed that something was off.

“It was an enormous slap of actuality for a 5-year-old. The opposite children have been petrified of me, pointing at me, not wanting to sit down with me,” she recounted to Today. “I couldn’t course of it. I wasn’t doing something to them, so why was it occurring to me? And I didn’t dare inform anybody.” To Lizzie’s family, however, she was simply Lizzie.

“Lastly, I informed my mother and father they usually stated, ‘There may be nothing fallacious with you, you might be simply smaller than the opposite children. You might be lovely and good and may accomplish something.’”

Lizzie Velásquez
Instagram / Lizzie Velásquez

These phrases from her household nonetheless stick together with her at the moment, and it truly is the reality. Regardless of the way you look, you continue to have the flexibility to perform something you need. For Lizzie, although, this might require sturdy psychological toughness to get there. That, and the help from her mother and father.

Lizzie Velásquez – uncommon circumstances

Let’s explore how Lizzie, despite her challenges, emerged as an inspiration to others.

But first, what caused Lizzie’s distinct appearance? Lizzie was born with two rare genetic conditions, Marfan syndrome and lipodystrophy, which affect her heart, eyes, and bones, and disrupt the distribution of fat in her body, preventing her from gaining weight. This condition is so rare that there are only three known cases in the world, perplexing experts to this day.

Unfortunately, the condition also causes Lizzie to age more quickly than individuals without the disorder, and she is blind in one eye. Since kindergarten, Lizzie has endured comments from other children about her appearance, with some labeling her face as “disgusting.” Nonetheless, she remained strong and became an inspiration to many.

“On the time, I believed everybody appeared like me. I didn’t acknowledge or inform that they didn’t appear to be me,” she informed the Day by day Mail.

Fb / Lizzie Velásquez

When Lizzie began highschool, issues received higher. She realized that she had energy over her personal life, and her choice was made clear.

Horrible video on YouTube
She was at all times going to remain optimistic, be courageous, and do all of the actions that she wished to do alongside her pals.

“It was scary, however I knew it could repay,” Lizzie Velásquez defined. “I used to be employees author for the varsity newspaper and took photographs for the yearbook. I attempted out for cheerleading. The uniforms have been actually cute and each time I wore it across the college, I felt like a superhero. I used to be extra myself round my friends, the model of myself round my household.”

Issues began to get higher, and Lizzie’s confidence was nice. Then, sooner or later, her world collapsed.

Whereas doing homework, she was scrolling on her pc and went onto YouTube. All of a sudden, she noticed a video about herself that will break her coronary heart.

Somebody had made a video about Lizzie, dubbing her “the world’s ugliest girl”. Worse, the video had hundreds of thousands of views, and a number of the feedback have been actually horrible.

She couldn’t cease herself from studying the feedback, with some individuals even saying that the world could be a greater place if Lizzie took her personal life. She learn on, hoping that somebody would come to her assist. Sadly, not a single remark did.

“Needed to show them fallacious”
Lizzie felt like somebody “was placing a fist by the pc display screen and bodily punching me.” She may barely imagine what she was seeing.

It’s loopy to consider how hundreds of individuals can sit behind their computer systems and torment a 16-year-old lady affected by a extreme sickness. How do these individuals sleep at night time?

This was the worst type of hate, and it may’ve destroyed Lizzie. However as soon as once more, she picked herself up. In actual fact, she stated that if she may, she’d ship a thanks card and flowers to the one who created the video, as a result of that video modified her life without end.

“I didn’t wish to retaliate — it was a waste of time,” she stated. “I simply wished to show them fallacious, I noticed I may use it for the larger good.”

Lizzie was by no means going to let the haters win. She’d seen the worst doable issues written and stated about her, however nonetheless, she was decided to make use of it as gasoline for the longer term Lizzie.

She continued on to school, and at 23 she earned a Bachelors Diploma in communication from Texas State College.

Inspirational TedTalk
In 2003, she was then invited to a TED Speak in Austin, and it went viral. Lizzie defined how hurtful the mocking had been, however on the similar time, she wished to offer individuals one other perspective, as she did for herself.

“For thus lengthy, I believed that what outlined me was my outer look,” she stated within the 2013 TED Speak, explaining that she used to fantasize about “scrubbing the syndrome” off her face.

“One thing type of clicked in my head,” she defined of the second she noticed that terrible YouTube video. “Am I going to let the individuals who known as me a monster outline me? No, I’m going to let my targets and my success and my accomplishments be the issues that outline me.”

For most individuals, all this hatred would have been powerful to endure. However Lizzie isn’t most individuals; she confirmed everybody how sturdy she actually is. Over the course of her whole life, she has been compelled to eat a high-calorie weight-reduction plan ceaselessly to maintain her physique’s power ranges up.

At present, she’s 31 years previous and a profitable enterprise girl who travels the world to lecture others on her sickness, in addition to her life story.

Lizzie Velásquez – at the moment

“That is my function. That is what I’m meant to do for the remainder of my life. I wish to suppose that I’m not solely telling my story, I’m telling everybody’s story,” Lizzie informed the Day by day Mail.

As of now, she has over 850,000 followers on her YouTube channel and makes use of it to offer inspirational talks. Lizzie’s confirmed the haters that she’s stronger than them – and he or she’s far more profitable at the moment than they are going to ever be.

“You might be lovely and good and may accomplish something,” Lizzie stated her mom and father used to inform her.

“They beloved me within the face of so many unknowns.”

Regardless that Lizzie is a robust, inspirational and, nicely, unbelievable individual, this yr’s been powerful for a lot of causes.

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t helped, however she’s additionally getting picked on social media, particularly on the app TikTok. Lizzie was the topic of a picture that folks have been and reacting to.

And the worst half was that it was a mom that had used her picture to prank a toddler into pondering that Lizzie was the instructor for the following college yr.

The significance of respecting
In July, it turned a horrible pattern amongst mother and father, the place they did a FaceTime name saying that Lizzie could be the kid’s subsequent instructor.

Lizzie was harm, clearly, and rightly so. What sort of guardian would do that to a different individual? What message does it ship to their youngsters? That this type of hate is OK? Lizzie herself stated it encourages youngsters to react in an unfavorable means relating to the way in which individuals look.

“When children are in class or whether or not they’re out in public, it’s essential to show them the significance of respecting somebody who doesn’t appear to be them,” Lizzie stated, in a video posted on her social media accounts.

“Exhibiting them a video could be a joke, however it may be one thing that exhibits a toddler if my mother or dad thinks it’s humorous then it should be okay for me to snicker at as nicely,” she says. “I take nice duty in the truth that now’s the time time to do all I can to talk up for many who may not have a voice or for many who don’t know the right way to use theirs.”

“I knew in my intestine my picture was going for use,” she added. “After coping with issues like this for some time now, I can sense when this may occur.”

A real inspiration
Following Lizzie condemning the movies, many youngsters as an alternative began posting movies the place they stated how lovely Lizzie was. As soon as once more, the haters had misplaced.


Lizzie has been praised all around the world for her braveness all through her life. She’s written a best-selling e-book about her life and even been praised by former First Girl Michelle Obama.

Magnificence comes from inside your coronary heart and soul. Lizzie, you might be lovely! We predict her story is deeply inspirational, and we expect that everybody ought to examine her to grasp that something is feasible.

Please, share this story with friends and family if you think Lizzie is an incredible person!

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