Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Daughter Sunday, 15, Publicly Goes by a Different Name
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, has a unique nickname that her parents and a family friend recently used. During an event, they affectionately referred to her by this special name. Nicole also revealed Sunday Rose’s aspirations within the acting industry.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are parents to two daughters, Sunday Rose, 15, and Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, 13. The renowned parents have provided their daughters with a tranquil upbringing, shielded from the public eye.

However, at Nicole’s recent AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony, the actress and her husband shared heartwarming revelations about their daughters. The couple’s speeches painted a picture of their family’s personal lives.

Keith Urban shared Sunday’s unique nickname with the world during his tribute to Nicole. He noted that as much as he and his wife have had happy moments, they have also been through difficult ones.

“We’ve also navigated deep grief together with the loss of both our dads. But also, the joys of births, and now raising a family. Our two girls, Sunny and Faith, here tonight,” shared Keith, revealing Sunday’s nickname.

Nicole also referred to her daughter by this nickname during her speech. She spoke of her younger days and how she would skip school while in Australia to go and watch films.
The actress would then forge her parents’ signatures on the absentee forms for school. Having shared this detail, she added humorously, “Please don’t do this, Sunny, Faith.”

Aside from Nicole and Keith, a close family friend also called Sunday by her nickname while on stage. Naomi Watts gushed about Nicole’s love and dedication to her family and friends. Naomi divulged that the actress holds her family close and is so loyal to “beautiful Keith” and “Beautiful Sunny and Faith.”

Nicole Kidman started pursuing her dreams to be an actress at a young age and Sunday is following in her mom’s footsteps. In 2017, the actress revealed that her daughter had landed her first acting gig.
When asked if she had already picked up a dress for the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, Nicole replied, “My daughter just got cast in her school play, so, that’s been the main priority, learning lines with her.”

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban appeared to be deeply committed to her new role. Nicole mentioned that she overheard her daughter telling Keith, “You’ve got to get off the phone, and help me with my lines, dad.”

Nicole is passionate about changing the acting industry because her daughter has also taken an interest in it. She noted that the stories actors tell and how they tell them have an impact and create opportunities not just for this generation but for the others to come.

“And I am raising a little girl that’s showing an interest in directing right now. I want her to have a path for that,” the “Big Little Lies” actress revealed in reference to Sunday.

Nicole and Keith have proven to be exceptional parents to their daughters, Sunday, whose nickname is Sunny, and her sister Faith. Despite their fame, they have provided a private, supportive environment for their girls. They have also shown their commitment to nurturing their daughters’ interests.

Nicole and Sunday not only have similar career passions but they look alike. As we previously reported, in June 2024, Nicole and Sunday stepped out in style to attend the Balenciaga runway show.
Fans shared their opinions on Nicole and Sunday’s appearance. The mother and daughter, who looked like they could easily pass as twins, wore beautiful black dresses.

While Nicole’s garment was sparkly, short-sleeved, and draped down to the floor, Sunday’s was shorter, ending mid-thigh. The young beauty’s dress was also long-sleeved with extra shoulder padding and made out of velvet.

Sunday paired her ensemble with sheer black tights and closed-toe black heels. Both the mom and daughter wore black designer shades as well.
Many photos and videos show the dynamic duo working the camera as they pose for pictures outside and inside the event. Showing off their close bond, Nicole and Sunday were also seen holding hands at different moments.

Like Katy, Nicole and her daughter were spotlighted in the Instagram posts of various fashion outlets like Vanity Fair France, who called Nicole a queen, and Australia’s 10Magazine. “Nicole Kidman and daughter Sunday say hi to 10 Magazine Australia today at the Balenciaga show,” the publication wrote.

Madame magazine also shared an alluring video of Nicole waving and smiling for the many cameras who fervently snapped pictures of the Hollywood star. People who saw the mother-daughter duo couldn’t help but take to online platforms to comment on their appearances.

Gushing over Nicole and Sunday, one fan swooned, “Nicole looks great, she took her daughter Sunday with her. Both Nicole and Keith’s daughters are perfect models. 😍.” Jumping on the praise bandwagon, another admirer lauded, “Nicole is [a] Barbie Doll 🔥.”

Someone who thought Nicole and Sunday looked so similar questioned, “Clones?” However, amid the compliments came a few criticisms.

“Nicole Kidman gained weight 😮😂😂😂😂,” critiqued a social media user, while another targeted Sunday, writing, “New nepo baby in the game in 3.2.1.”

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