Parent cries at the gift her 2-year-old son gave to her neighbor, who is 100 years old. See what happened next

Mary O’Neill, who’s 99 years outdated, and Benjamin Olson, who’s simply 2 years outdated, have developed an unlikely friendship regardless of being separated by 98 years.

Mary’s neighbors, Benjamin and his youthful brother Noah, dwell subsequent door in Minneapolis. Over the course of the pandemic 12 months, the neighbors grew shut, having realized how lengthy they’d been confined to their properties.

The one factor separating them was a sequence hyperlink fence.

Based on Benjamin’s mom, Sarah Olson, Mary is Benjamin’s first-ever greatest good friend. They developed a detailed bond as Benjamin didn’t see some other kids for over a 12 months.

Mary greeted the younger baby by way of her window and ultimately went outdoors to introduce herself.

They developed an inseparable friendship, and even created their very own recreation, ‘cane ball’, the place Mary makes use of her cane to strike Benjamin’s ball as he delivers it to her.

Mary’s sort deed of bringing over a basket filled with metallic Tonka vans, which previously belonged to her late son, has helped Benjamin study colours.

They spend hours chatting and hanging out, beginning their day at ten within the morning.

This charming friendship has been one of the vital endearing scenes to ever seem on screens.

It is a video and audio of this positively beautiful story!

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