Princess Catherine’s hair revelation shocks fans amid her chemo treatment.
Celine Dion triumphantly returns to her first red carpet she battles for her life.
Brad Pitt’s daughter, Vivienne, sparks buzz for ‘not feminine’ outfit at the Tonys 2024.
Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet’s daughter surprises users for her resemblance to mom.
Julia Roberts doesn’t look like ‘the same person’ after bold hair transformation.
Another buzz-worthy week captivating fans! A British royal’s questionable post-chemo hair, celebrity kids’ striking appearances, and a Hollywood redhead going blonde have everyone talking. From Princess Kate to Julia Roberts, discover how the world reacted to their changes.
How Does Brad Pitt’s Daughter, Vivienne, Look in a ‘Not Feminine’ Outfit?
One of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s children became the center of online discussions following her appearance at the 2024 Tony Awards. Their daughter, Vivienne, attended the event with her mother, who was there to celebrate “The Outsiders” winning Best Musical.

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Angelina dazzled in a light-teal velvet strapless gown with a corseted bodice and draped fabric. She accessorized minimally to highlight her elegant ensemble. Her long hair flowed freely, adding to her glamorous look.

The 15-year-old, on the other hand, opted for a playful and unique look. She sported a crisp white shirt under a dark teal vest and trousers, complete with a bow tie and dark blue Converse sneakers. Her hair, similar to her mother’s, was left to flow down to her shoulders.

While both mother and daughter turned heads, Vivienne’s outfit became a hot topic among AmoMama readers, who shared their thoughts, with opinions ranging from criticism to praise.

One reader sharply criticized, “Certainly not feminine!!” This critique set a critical tone, prompting others to join in, questioning the appropriateness of Vivienne’s unconventional style.

Another voiced concern about why Angelina would dress her children in male clothing, stating, “She’s a girl dress her like one, all your girl you put boys clothes on them and the one young lady always had beautiful outfit on, WHY (sic).”

In contrast, an observant reader noted Vivienne’s seemingly loose outfit, “Love how the mom is dressed to the nines and her daughter is wearing a suite that is not flattering at all. Could u at least have made it fit properly?(sic)”

However, not all comments were negative. One defender stood up for Vivienne’s right to self-expression, stating, “She wears what she feels comfortable in. Leave her alone.”

Another supporter agreed, adding, “I see nothing wrong with it. At least she is covered up and not showing all she has like so many people do nowadays and I would bet she is more comfortable than her mom.”

Vivienne has recently embraced a playful and unique fashion style. This was evident in May 2024 when she attended the opening night of “Reefer Madness: The Musical” in Los Angeles with her mother and actress Kristen Bell.
How Does Julia Roberts Look after Her Bold Hair Transformation?
Actress Julia Roberts, known for her signature red hair, embraced a drastic change for the fund-raising gala in Los Angeles hosted by President Joe Biden, but it didn’t sit well with everyone.

One reader, who strongly associates Julia’s classic look with her identity, bluntly commented, “not the same person [sic].” Another suggested that the new shade doesn’t align with their vision of Julia’s beauty, “That is not a pretty woman. Bleached blonde is not for her.”

An observant reader pointed out the mismatch between her hair color and skin tone, “Doesn’t go with her skin color.” “Red is so much prettier,” another chimed in, reaffirming the preference for Julia’s previous look.
However, not all feedback was critical. “Great fresh look for her!” expressed one reader enthusiastically, embracing the change as a refreshing update. “It suits her makes her face softer [sic],” another fan noted, highlighting the transformative power of the new color.
Finally, one fan shared a practical perspective about Julia’s hair color change, “She probably went with blond because she is grey. Blond covers grey better [sic].” This practical view aligns with insights shared by High Brow Hippie, the salon responsible for Julia’s new hairstyle.

The group, along with celebrity hairstylist and Julia’s longtime collaborator Serge Normant highlighted their careful approach on Instagram, “When making drastic color changes, in this case from red to blonde, my approach is always the same- slow and methodical, while always keeping the health and integrity of the hair first and foremost [sic].”

The salon emphasized patience and multiple sessions to achieve natural and realistic results while maintaining the hair’s health. Going blonde wasn’t Julia’s only recent hair transformation. She sported another hairstyle last year, too.

What Does Celine Dion Look like on Her First Red Carpet Appearance While She Fights for Her Life?
Acclaimed musician Celine Dion wowed at the special premiere of her documentary “I Am: Celine Dion,” accompanied by her 23-year-old son, Rene-Charles Angélil.

Directed by Irene Taylor, the documentary offers a glimpse into Celine’s extensive career in the entertainment industry and private life. The occasion marked Celine’s latest red carpet appearance.

The 56-year-old Canadian music superstar wore a cream monochromatic ensemble, featuring a long-sleeved blouse and a floor-length silk skirt. She accessorized with a sparkling silver belt, bracelet, and black pointed heels

Rene-Charles complemented his mother’s elegance with a classic black suit and tie, a white collared shirt, shiny black shoes, and a chunky silver ring on his pinky finger.

Netizens sparked a lively discussion about Rene-Charles’s remarkable appearance. One user was taken aback, commenting, “23? Wow he looks like early 40s.”

Another commenter, reflecting on genetics and the resemblance to his late father, René Angélil, who passed away in 2016 from throat cancer, said, “He looks a bit older because he’s getting bald, it’s just the genetic, remember his father. He still looks good though.”
Amidst the discussions about Rene Charles’s suave looks, attention gracefully shifted to Celine, where fans showered her with admiration for her apparent return to a healthier state amidst her battle with stiff-person syndrome, a diagnosis she received in 2022.

Among the compliments, one fan joyously proclaimed, “Lovely! Looking like herself again.” This sentiment was echoed by others who noticed Celine’s rejuvenated appearance. “She looks amazing and healthy!!!” exclaimed one observer.

Another simply marveled, “She looks amazing. Wow.” Such praise reflected the collective relief and happiness at witnessing Celine’s renewed vitality. “Looks better than ever,” one supporter asserted, while another described her as “Breathtaking.”

A recurring theme of well-wishing and hope emerged in the comments. “She looks so@much better [sic],” noted one fan, while another expressed a wishful sentiment, “Lovely, I hope she’s feeling better.” The sentiment was further reinforced by another fan who remarked, “So nice to see her well. Looking beautiful and looking healthy.”
How Similar Are Lisa Bonet and Her Rarely-Seen Daughter?
Actor Jason Momoa and his daughter Lola Lolani Momoa turned heads at the premiere of “The Bikeriders” as they arrived on the back of a motorcycle on Monday. The pair arrived at the Hollywood event ahead of the film’s June 21 release in full biker gear.

The 44-year-old actor donned a black helmet, a black-and-white striped long-sleeved shirt, a tan leather vest, and gray jeans. Lola complemented her dad’s look with a vintage black leather jacket over a black Jolly Roger t-shirt, denim jeans, and heavy black boots.
Both accessorized with black sunglasses as they posed for photos on the carpet, smiling and holding hands while leaning against the motorcycle. Later, Jason shared these photos on Instagram, featuring his daughter and other attendees of the premiere.

In a heartfelt caption, he expressed his excitement about the film and urged his followers to watch it upon its Friday release. He also paid a sweet tribute to his daughter and friends, writing, “Love u Lola bear and all my friends for coming.”
The post sparked affectionate reactions from fans, many debating whether Lola resembles her dad or mom. “Your daughter is beautiful. She looks just like you,” one fan commented.

Another wrote, “She’s your mini-me! Both beautiful.” An Instagrammer gushed over Lola’s beauty and height, asking, “What a pretty daughter and quite tall, the young lady, how old is Lola??”
Fans also noted Lola’s resemblance to her mother, Bonet. “She looks just like her momma,” one fan remarked. Another echoed, “Wow, looking more & more like your mama, just beautiful.” One fan saw traits of both parents, noting, “Lola is so beautiful! I can see her mother’s eyes but definitely your smile.”

Jason Momoa shares a special bond with his daughter Lola, and as she blossoms into adulthood, he’s both proud, a little anxious, and continually strives to be a better father. “I’m constantly a work in progress, and I’ve just been trying to get better as a father,” he said in an interview.
The thought of Lola entering the dating world has him in a bit of a spin, he confessed his greatest fear: the day Lola might introduce him to a less-than-ideal boyfriend. “I’m not going to do well with it,” he admitted.
How Does Princess Catherine’s Hair Look amid Chemo Treatment That Shocked Royal Fans?
Six months after announcing her cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment, Princess Catherine of Wales made a striking appearance at Trooping the Colour for King Charles III’s official birthday parade in London, drawing significant attention to her dress and hair.

The King’s special occasion marked Catherine’s first public event. At the event, she dazzled in a white dress with black trim and ribbon embellishment on the neckline.

The dress the Princess of Wales wore for Charles’s birthday festivities was actually an upcycled version of an outfit she wore at one event at Buckingham Palace in May 2023.

Adding to her upcycled look, Catherine completed her outfit with a white hat, pearl studs, and the Irish Guards Regimental Brooch, reflecting her honorary role. She had her hair styled in a low bun with intricate detailing.

Catherine’s style may have captivated royal observers online, but many questioned her hair, considering she had chemotherapy. Some believed it was not the Princess of Wales. “That’s not her,” a netizen said in disbelief, while another stated, “That’s not Kate.”
One user expressed genuine curiosity, stating, “Want to know how she’s keeping her hair through chemotherapy… This is a serious question. I am not making a dig or anything like that…”

Adding to the discussion, another pondered the medical aspects, asking, “You can have chemotherapy and not lose your hair?” Concern for her well-being was evident in queries such as, “Was William with her? And if she’s having chemo how come she still has her hair?”
Despite these questions, admiration shone through as one admirer remarked, “Always admire this elegant lady, how did her hair grow back so soon after chemotherapy??”

Seeking clarification respectfully, a user questioned, “Can I ask an honest question. I mean nothing rude or mean in asking this but, I though you lost your hair during chemo???? Do u think it’s a wig or maybe not all chemo makes u loose your hair. Again honest question, I’m not trying to be rude(sic).”

However, skepticism lingered as one commented, “I don’t know why I can’t believe that she’s illness(sic).” Despite the confusion, positivity emerged from a supportive fan, saying, “Going through chemotherapy and still looking radiant!”
That’s a wrap for this week’s Friday digest! From Princess Catherine’s surprising post-chemo hair revelation to Celine’s triumphant comeback, Vivienne’s style challenging norms, Julia’s blonde era, and Lola’s captivating presence in her motorcycle chic outfit with her dad, these stars have painted a fascinating portrait for netizens.
Keep an eye out for next Friday’s digest, where we’ll uncover the week’s hidden gems and top stories in the celebrity and royal worlds you won’t want to miss!

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