Months after captivating audiences on “The Ellen Show” and performing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, piano prodigy Ryan Wang held a unique private concert for a very special fan, 101-year-old Dorothy Landry. At just 5 years old, Ryan played “Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk Song” exclusively for Landry in a heartwarming recital coordinated by CBC Music, a Canadian digital music provider.

Dorothy, who has been following Ryan since he was three, had previously attended one of his concerts but struggled to fully enjoy the performance due to her hearing difficulties. Recognizing this, CBC Music facilitated a private performance to offer her a more personal musical experience.

The intimate setting featured Dorothy in her wheelchair and Ryan seated beside her, his youthful presence marked by his hands clutching a large teddy bear and his feet swinging above the ground. The performance clearly touched both, with Ryan expressing his joy in playing for “Grandma Dorothy” and noting it made her happy.

Dorothy reciprocated the sentiment, praising Ryan as a “very special little person” and eagerly anticipating his future performances. She warmly thanked Ryan and made a heartfelt request for him to visit her again after his upcoming trip to China. This unique musical connection highlights the profound impact of intergenerational bonds and the universal language of music.

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