Discover the surprising original names of these nine Hollywood legends and music icons.
While some simply shortened their names, others completely reinvented themselves to make it in their respective fields.

In the world of entertainment, a name can make all the difference. Some of these nine celebrities changed their names to stand out, create a unique identity, or better fit their public personas.
From John Legend to Barbra Streisand, find out how these nine stars crafted their unique identities and the fascinating stories behind their name changes.

John Legend, a multifaceted artist known for his smooth voice and soulful music, has garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades throughout his career.
With multiple Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a Tony Award, Legend is one of the few entertainers to achieve the coveted EGOT status. His journey to stardom began humbly as John Stephens, performing in small venues around New York City.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and working as a management consultant, he dedicated himself to his music, gradually building a name for himself in the nightclub circuit.

The name John Legend was born from a nickname given to him by friends, which quickly took on a life of its own. “John Legend is a nickname that some friends started calling me,” he shared.
Embracing the moniker, Legend decided to bet on himself. “I was just like, ‘You know what? Let’s just go for it. […] My bet was on me trying to live up to the name,'” the singer said. The gamble paid off, and John Legend has since become synonymous with excellence in music and entertainment.

Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas was one of the most iconic actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age and marked his journey to stardom with a significant personal change to his name.
The actor was born Issur Danielovitch in Upstate New York. His parents were poor and illiterate Russian immigrants who adopted the names Harry and Bertha upon their arrival in America.

“I wish I had kept it,” he admitted in a 2015 interview with PEOPLE, reflecting on his decision to change his name. “It’s more interesting to keep your original name. But can you imagine that name on a marquee?” the actor continued.
Faced with the challenges of an unwieldy and distinctly Semitic name, Issur Danielovitch transformed into Kirk Douglas before embarking on his illustrious acting career.

Kirk Douglas’s career spanned over six decades, during which he earned numerous accolades, including three Academy Award nominations and an honorary Oscar for his contributions to the film industry.
The late actor starred in classic films such as “Spartacus,” “Paths of Glory,” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” cementing his legacy as a Hollywood legend.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston, an actress beloved by millions, rose to fame with her iconic role as Rachel Green on the hit TV show “Friends.” Her portrayal of Rachel, with her fashion-forward style and relatable personality, made her a household name and a cultural icon.
Beyond “Friends,” Aniston has showcased her versatility in films like “Marley & Me,” “The Break-Up,” “Horrible Bosses,” and “Cake,” where she received critical acclaim for her dramatic performance.

Throughout her career, Aniston has earned numerous accolades, including a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.
Despite her immense success and recognition, many fans might not know that she was actually born Jennifer Joanna Aniston. This slight change in her name helped her create a more streamlined and memorable identity, contributing to her enduring success in Hollywood.

Shania Twain
Shania Twain, a trailblazing artist in country music, is renowned for her distinctive voice and chart-topping hits. She has sold over 100 million records, making her one of the best-selling female artists in country music history.
Twain’s accolades include five Grammy Awards, numerous Canadian Country Music Association awards, and induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Twain’s journey to stardom began with a significant name change. Born Eilleen Regina Edwards, she was adopted and became Eilleen Regina Twain.
As she embarked on her singing career, she felt the need for a stage name that was distinct from her given name, which honored her grandmothers, Eilleen and Regina.

Seeking something that resonated more with her persona as a performer, she encountered the name Shania and found it beautiful. Thus, Shania Twain was born, marking the beginning of her legendary career in the music industry.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s most renowned actors, has captivated audiences with his performances in a wide range of films. “Thelma & Louise” made him a star.
He then impressed in “Fight Club,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Over the years, Pitt has received many awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

While Pitt is a name known around the globe, many might be surprised to learn that he was actually born William Bradley Pitt. This slight alteration helped him create a more approachable and memorable identity, contributing to his enduring success and status as a Hollywood icon.

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher, an actor and entrepreneur known for his roles in “That ’70s Show,” “Punk’d,” and “The Butterfly Effect,” has made a significant impact in Hollywood and beyond.
With multiple Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award, Kutcher has also garnered attention for his successful ventures in the tech industry.

Interestingly, Kutcher’s name-change story highlights a common practice among celebrities. During an appearance on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Kutcher revealed that he initially went by his first name, Chris.
When he moved to New York to pursue modeling, an agent suggested he use his middle name, Ashton, to avoid confusion with several other models named Chris K. “We have like three Chris K.’s at the agency,” the agent told him.

This prompted the future Hollywood star to change his name. Thus, Ashton Kutcher emerged, paving the way for his successful career in entertainment and business.

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage is an acclaimed actor known for his intense performances and eclectic film choices. He has built a remarkable career with many accolades, including an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in “Leaving Las Vegas” and a Golden Globe.
He has a diverse filmography, including standout roles in “Moonstruck,” “Face/Off,” “National Treasure,” and “Adaptation.” Cage, born Nicholas Kim Coppola, is the nephew of famed director Francis Ford Coppola.

To forge his own identity and separate himself from his uncle’s shadow, the actor decided to change his last name to Cage. This decision marked the beginning of Nicolas Cage’s distinct and celebrated career in Hollywood.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx, a versatile talent in Hollywood, has made his mark as an actor, singer, and comedian. He won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Ray Charles in “Ray.”
He also received many other awards, including a Grammy for his music. Foxx has a diverse body of work, spanning films like “Collateral,” “Django Unchained,” and “Baby Driver.” These roles showcase his ability to excel in both dramatic and comedic roles.

During an interview, Foxx revealed that he encountered challenges using his birth name, Erik Marlin Bishop, during his rise as a comedian. Despite the success of his first stand-up show, other comedians began to deny him access to the stage for subsequent performances.

In a strategic move, he decided to adopt a different, gender-neutral name to increase his chances of being called up to perform. Thus, Jamie Foxx was born, a name that has since become synonymous with talent and success in the entertainment industry.

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand is a legend in music, film, and theater. She has had unmatched success in her career, winning two Academy Awards and ten Grammy Awards.
She has also won five Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her influence and contributions to the arts are immense. At the age of 18, Streisand sought a way to stand out while retaining her authenticity.

Instead of adopting a completely different stage name, she decided to make a subtle yet impactful change. She reflected on her middle name, Joan. Considering suggestions like “Joanie Sands”, she found them too artificial.
Instead, Streisand opted to remove an ‘a’ from her first name, making it “Barbra” instead of “Barbara”. This small change allowed her to keep her given name while creating a unique identity that set her apart in entertainment.

These nine celebrities each made a bold decision to change their names, a move that helped shape their identities and careers. These changes helped them stand out and ultimately achieve stardom, proving that sometimes, a name really does make all the difference.

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