Denzel Washington refused to kiss Julia Roberts in order to respect the ‘core audience.’

Denzel Washington refused to kiss Julia Roberts in order to respect the ‘core audience.’

DENZEL WASHINGTON is one of the most famous actors of his generation, but the actor has had some strange rejections throughout his career.

Denzel Washington, who stars in Channel 4’s The Equalizer 2 tonight, has so much power in Hollywood that his wishes are often met by the production team he works with. Washington, in particular, has repeatedly refused to kiss several women on screen, including Hollywood sweetheart Julia Roberts.

Washington’s objection to these scenes stems from a film he saw more than three decades ago, not from any personal feud or humble dislike.

Washington made his Hollywood debut in the early 1980s, earning him international acclaim for his performance in A Soldier’s Tale.

Throughout the decade, he steadily expanded his resume, and by 1989 he had won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the film Glory.

That same year, Washington played a prominent British soldier in The Mighty Quinn, but his role caused an uproar among his audience.

Washington starred in the thriller with Mimi Rogers, and one scene showed the two kissing.

The actor reportedly noticed several black women greeting the kiss scene during the screening and arranged for the scene to be cut from the film.

Washington starred in The Pelican Brief with acclaimed actress Julia Roberts just four years later. and When the film was released, the media reported that the kiss scene between the two Hollywood icons had been cut, although it was unclear who made the decision.

Roberts told Newsweek in 2002 that it was Washington’s decision to cut the scene.

“Don’t I have a pulse?” she said when asked why she didn’t want to kiss actor Let. Of course I wanted to kiss Denzel. It was his idea to remove the scenes.”

Washington told the publication that his fan base consists primarily of black women, and he didn’t want to alienate them by having kissing scenes with white actresses.

Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington Go to Netflix for Leave the World Behind | Entertainment News, Indian Express

“Black women aren’t often seen as objects of desire on film,” he says, “but they’ve always been my primary audience.”

For most of her career, the “Book of Eli” star was stuck with this sentiment, reportedly cutting out other scenes in later films.

Both the 1995 sci-fi film Virtuosity and the 2004 thriller Man on Fire include intimate scenes between Washington and co-stars Kelly Lynch and Rada Mitchell. Both scenes were cut, although it is unclear whether Washington was directly responsible for this.

Despite his global fame and iconic status in the film industry, acting was not the first choice for young Washington, who explored numerous career options.

The Malcolm X star went to college with the goal of becoming a doctor, but struggled to find interest in his biology classes.

He quickly switched to political science, but ran into the same problem and switched to journalism.

Nothing seemed to pique his interest, so he enrolled in an acting class after being told it was easy to get a good grade.

Washington was the son of a Pentecostal preacher, and despite being unsure of what he really wanted to do, he never seriously considered becoming a preacher.

Ruth Green, a member of his mother’s church who was known in the community for her gift of prophecy, told him that he would “speak to millions” and “do great things.”

Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington Star in Netflix Thriller ‘Leave the World Behind’ – The Hollywood Reporter

At the time, he took it as being called to follow in his father’s footsteps, but later admitted, “Because I was given this ability to act, that must be what Ruth Green was talking about.”

Although it took him a little longer than other actors to discover his passion for acting, Washington was able to pursue all of his potential careers through his performance work.

He played a doctor in the series St Elsewhere, political activist Stephen Beak in Cry Freedom and Malcolm X, his iconic title role.

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