A 32-year-old woman, identified as Mandy K, was attacked by a polar bear at the Berlin Zoo on Friday after she jumped into the enclosure during feeding time. To enter the cage, she climbed over a fence, a line of hedges, and a wall.
As she leaped into the enclosure, the bear began attacking her, inflicting serious injuries to her arms, legs, and back. Despite the efforts of six zookeepers to divert the four bears, one bear “repeatedly bit the victim on the arms and legs.” The zookeepers managed to scare the bear off and rescue Mandy.
She is now recovering in the hospital following surgery to repair her wounds. Zoo spokespersons expressed their concern over the incident, emphasizing the dangers of such actions and the challenges faced by zookeepers during the rescue.
It was later revealed that Mandy, a teacher, had been driven to despair by her failure to find a job. This incident has raised questions about mental health and the pressures faced by individuals in stressful situations.

Zoo officials are reviewing security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. They urge visitors to respect the barriers and understand the potential dangers of interacting with wild animals.

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