Anouska Delon, a French-Dutch actress better known as the daughter of the legendary Alain Delon, who just turned 88 in November, shared the latest photo of her father on Instagram yesterday.
“I took this photo of Dad on Friday morning. It’s a memory of our moments together. I’m endlessly grateful to have had breakfast with him. These are unique moments of tenderness in my tough world,” began Anouska.
“I thought about how handsome he is. With his forever blue eyes, steely gaze, vibrant and spirited, he gives me unimaginable strength. My immortal. I showed him the photo and he thought it was beautiful, so beautiful that I asked him if I could share it with you. With his permission, here it is. And to your concerns, he says: ‘Don’t worry,’” revealed Anouska Delon.

Conflict Among Alain Delon’s Children
For some time, there have been disagreements within Alain Delon’s family regarding where he should live and how to care for him. Recently, the Montargis court decided to place the famous artist under “enhanced guardianship” at the request of his sons, a decision that Anouska Delon’s lawyer deemed “excessive.”
Alain Delon suffered a stroke in 2019 and is currently battling lymphoma. His children—Anthony, Alain-Fabien, and Anouska—have been at odds for months over the best way to care for him. Specifically, Delon’s sons accuse their sister of manipulating their father and hiding his poor health from them.
Anthony insists that their father should remain in France, while Anouska wants to take him to Switzerland for treatment, where she resides. Because of this, Anthony requested a medical evaluation of his father a few months ago. He complained about the selection of a doctor who is not registered with the Court of Appeals and the methodology used in the evaluation, as well as Anouska’s presence during the process.

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