Nikayla Sheron, once known as “the most beautiful girl in the world,” has continued to evolve in her modeling career. Daughter of former football player Patrick Sheron and Véronika Sheron, Thylane started her modeling journey at a very young age.

She was born in April 2001 and caught the eye of agencies early on. At just four years old, she was featured in a fashion presentation by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Thylane’s fame grew when she posed for Vogue magazine in 2010, though it sparked controversy due to the focus on young girls wearing heavy makeup.

Despite this, she appeared on the covers of Teen Vogue and Jalouse and created her brand with Eleven Paris. Nikayla’s success led her to become a representative for L’Oréal and to appear on the cover of L’Officiel.

Modeling requires comfort in front of the camera and the ability to follow instructions. To succeed, models must be punctual, prepared, and adaptable to various clients’ needs.

The modeling industry is competitive, but with dedication and hard work, it can be a rewarding career.

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