During her moving performance on Britain’s Got Talent, 14-year-old blind singer Sirine Jahangir showcased her extraordinary talent and resilience. The girl performed a heartfelt cover of “Salvation” by Gabrielle Aplin with her own piano accompaniment, showcasing her distinctive voice.
Sirine, a London-born singer of Pakistani origin, gave the folk-pop song a little R&B flavor. Many in the audience were moved to tears by her performance; her voice has a special way of touching people. The video below allows you to listen to her stunning audition.

Although Sirine’s warm and genuine demeanor won over the audience in no time, she plainly felt worried about taking the mic on such a grand stage, as she uttered a nervous “oh my God” as she did so. “I suppose it’s fairly apparent that I can’t see,” Sirine told the crowd when Judge David Walliams asked her to introduce herself. I used to be able to, but now I’m unable to. Since music is my life’s work and passion, I suppose you could say that it is my vision.
The adolescent then gave a powerful and emotionally charged performance for the crowd. Sirine has the rare ability of some singers to smack you square in the chest. Out of everything that has been heard on Britain’s Got Talent thus far, her performance ranks among the greatest in terms of emotional impact. Stream her beautiful rendition of Ruelle’s “Carry You” from the semi-finals down below.

Sirine Jahangir: She Has No Vision..But An Angelic Voice..Judges CRY!| Britain’s Got Talent 2020
“I simply found the entire audition so poignant,” judge Amanda Holden said of Sirine’s performance. You radiate a carefree energy that is only matched by your stunning good looks and boundless energy. It was really genius. Similarly effusive was Alesha Dixon, who gushed, “what a wonderful, sweet girl you are. It has just melted my heart. It’s totally normal to be anxious before such a big event; after all, you sung magnificently, and the stage is enormous.
She continued, “I only do school performances, so this is something completely new.” Simon Cowell then asked Sirine what was causing her anxiety. I don’t want to squander this incredible opportunity that is being able to sing right now. A truly touching and heartwarming event unfolded as the gifted adolescent received four affirmative votes from the judges.
Although she was once again praised by the judges, Sirine—who lost her vision at the age of nine—was eliminated in the semi-finals. Bookies had her pegged as the competition favorite, but the judges advanced magician Magical Bones to the championship round. Fans took to social media to express their disappointment with the judges’ decision to eliminate her, with some going so far as to advocate for their dismissal. After the competition, Sirine kept busy as a singer-songwriter and has subsequently used her fame to advocate for a number of good causes.

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