Elvis Presley, renowned for his musical prowess and distinctive voice, also demonstrated a flair for food, fashion, and, as it turns out, interior decor. One of the striking examples of his aesthetic sensibilities was his iconic privately-owned jet plane, showcasing the King of Rock’s personal touch.

In 1962, Elvis acquired a Lockheed Jetstar model, customizing it to suit his unique taste. Stepping inside, one is immediately captivated by the luxurious wooden panels, plush carpeting, and opulent red velvet chairs that define the interior. Presley’s ownership of this aircraft, which lasted over 35 years, attests to his penchant for the extravagant.

Among his fleet of private planes, this Lockheed Jetstar was just one notable example. His collection also featured the famed “Lisa Marie,” a customized Convair 880, and another JetStar known as Hound Dog 2. These aircraft were emblematic of Presley’s flamboyant lifestyle and passion for aviation.

After standing abandoned for years on a road in Roswell, New Mexico, the aircraft recently found a new owner via telephone at a Florida auction, fetching a sum of $260,000. The plane’s exterior, though weathered, still carries the remnants of its original red hue.

Upon entering, one is treated to a glimpse of Elvis’s signature style, with wooden-panelled walls and plush red velvet chairs dominating the vast single-room interior. The ‘high-tech’ TV and spacious seating arrangement make it clear that this was a plane designed for comfort and luxury.

As we explore further, we find a small kitchen, complete with a nostalgic microwave that likely witnessed Elvis preparing his famous sandwich—peanut butter, mayonnaise, crispy bacon, and banana. The bathroom, adorned with more velvet and featuring a luxurious sink, further underscores the opulence of Elvis’s airborne domain.

This unique peek into Elvis’s traveling style reveals a blend of comfort and extravagance that mirrors his larger-than-life persona. The $260,000 auction price reflects the enduring allure of the King of Rock’s legacy, and while the new owner, bidding by telephone, remains unidentified, they now hold a piece of history that soared above the clouds with one of music’s greatest icons.

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