Jennifer Lopez looked “devastated” in a beige cape dress.
Demi Moore caused concerns in a men’s suit.
Kylie Jenner put on a bridal face net.
Serena Williams exposed her underwear in a semi-sheer dress.
Katy Perry dazzled in a fiery gown with a 500-ft train.
Katy Perry bared her body, shocking everyone.
Nicole Kidman brought her daughter, who looks exactly like her.
Paris Fashion Week has been quite an eventful function thus far. Hollywood A-listers have been breaking the internet with their extravagant looks and eye-catching moments, prompting strong reactions from the public. From Jennifer Lopez’s “devastated” demeanor to Demi Moore rocking a men’s suit, catch up on the juicy scoop you may have missed.

Did Jennifer Lopez Really Look ‘Devastated’ in Her Long Dress?
Jennifer Lopez turned heads at the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2024-2025 on June 24. Despite her stunning look, some netizens quickly noticed her serious demeanor, sparking concern on social media.

At the event, Lopez wore a tan pleated midi dress with a matching cape and chic accessories. She completed her look with black leather gloves, a black purse, and gold satin platform heels.

Netizens quickly commented on Lopez’s serious demeanor at the fashion event. One user remarked, “She looks so different 😔 Hope she recovers soon ❤️‍🩹 [sic].”

Another echoed this sentiment, saying, “She looks so sad. She is missing her JLO glow [sic].” Observers focused on her eyes, with one noting, “Her eyes are sad..”

Speculation ran high as some questioned her choice of accessories. “gloves? She wants to hide her ring off [sic]?” one curious netizen asked, referring to Lopez’s wedding ring and her marriage to actor Ben Affleck.

Others continued to share their assessments of Lopez’s expression. “She looks unhappy,” stated one. Another pointed out, “She looks mad and devastated.”

Someone else harshly criticized her outfit, comparing it to a grocery store bag, writing, “Looks like a grocery store bag. I can’t believe this is fashion rich people pay big$$$ for🙄[sic].”

Meanwhile, another observant critic expressed mixed feelings stating, “She looks VERY good, but age is pressing down. Time to face the fact [sic].”

Amid the concerns and critiques, some expressed positive comments. “She looks beautiful,” one fan gushed, and another offered words of encouragement, “Hold your head high up girl. You got this 🥰🥰🥰 [sic].”

Lopez’s appearance at the fashion show in Paris came just days after a relaxing vacation with friends in Positano, Italy, on June 21.
Why Did Demi Moore Cause Concerns in a Men’s Suit?
Demi Moore turned heads in Paris, France, as she attended designer Kim Jones’s Dior Homme Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show on June 21, with her daughter Scout LaRue Willis. Demi’s bold fashion choice drew a mix of admiration and concern from netizens.

The Hollywood star put a playful spin on suiting up, wearing an oversized blazer and matching loose shorts, highlighting her slender legs. She completed the look with a light gray shirt featuring large collars and a pair of white gladiator-styled sandals.

Demi finished her look with dark sunglasses and posed for pictures with Scout, who looked equally stylish. She donned an oversized button-down shirt in purple and grey print and a sleeveless jacket in dusty eggplant. She paired this with black loafers and white socks.

The “Ghost” star, who enjoyed the show among fellow celebrities, shared a post of her time at the event on her Instagram account.
Alongside the carousel of images, she captioned, “Bonjour @Dior! A beautiful show with my three beautiful dates. Congratulations, @mrkimjones 😘 What a stunningly beautiful collection. We love you! Forever yours, Mrs. Jones.” This caption, hinting at her role as the designer’s muse, added a personal touch to her glamorous appearance.

However, her look sparked a flurry of reactions online. On the concerned side, one person commented, “She’s not looking good, so thin.” Another echoed a similar sentiment, focusing on her legs, “My God, her legs are so thin.”

Another remarked with a mix of speculation that the actress might have used Ozempic, “Demi’s body type is naturally beautiful like when she was in GI Jane or Ghost. Ozempic does this..muscle wasting..not healthy goals especially when we are 60+. need strong muscles and ++bone density [sic].”

In contrast, there was an outpouring of admiration and awe from her fans. “So cute, and so young,” one supporter gushed while another exclaimed, “How awesome you are! I’m in awe of you!” A last commenter remarked, “Can she be any prettier???” paired with a heart emoji.

A more balanced view is offered by a commenter who wrote, “She [looks] fabulous but gone so thin maybe the worry of Bruce [sic],” hinting at a possible emotional toll amid the well-documented health issues of her ex-husband, Bruce Willis.

Despite the mixed reactions, Demi continues to make bold fashion statements, showcasing her unique style and elegance. Her daring choices have been evident whenever she steps out.
How Did Kylie Jenner’s Gorgeous Bridal Face Net Look?
Kylie Jenner stole the spotlight in radiant pink! The 26-year-old Kylie Cosmetics mogul graced the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show on June 24 in a dazzling crystal-studded baby pink ensemble.

Designed by Schiaparelli’s creative director, Daniel Roseberry, Jenner’s outfit featured a sparkling corset-style bodice and matching knee-high stockings. The outfit was complemented by a satin pink stole, a delicate bridal-style veil covering her entire head, and a pair of pink satin pumps.

Jenner shared her glamorous outing on Instagram, delighting her followers with a captivating carousel of photos. Her presence at the event was nothing short of mesmerizing, embodying both haute couture sophistication and her signature flair for making every moment unforgettable.
How Did Serena Williams Show Her Underwear in a Revealing Dress?
Serena Williams rocked Paris Fashion Week in a stunning, semi-sheer dress that left little to the imagination. As she exited Le Voltaire restaurant, the tennis icon flaunted her nude lingerie beneath the risqué outfit, making a bold and stylish statement.

That evening, Williams enjoyed the company of former British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful and British socialite Emma Weymouth, the Marchioness of Bath.

The trio’s night out happened after Williams rocked a sport-inspired gown at the star-studded Vogue World Paris fashion show over the weekend.
Why Did Katy Perry Have a 500-Ft Train on Her Red Gown?
After impressing at the Vogue World show, Katy Perry continued to generate buzz at the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2024/25 event at The Ritz Hotel on June 25.

Perry entered the Paris’ Vendôme looking stunning in a red mono-sleeve ruched mini dress that featured a 500-foot train. The sight of her dress sparked a flurry of online reactions. “Wow that’s weird [sic],” remarked a bewildered commenter, taken aback by the avant-garde statement. “This is embarrassing,” echoed another.

One user commented, “What a waste of fabric and a tripping hazard.” “Absolutely ridiculous,” sneered one netizen, dismissing the artist’s flamboyant spectacle. The red gown’s seemingly endless train featured the lyrics of Perry’s new single, “Woman’s World,” set to be released on July 11.

Amid the critics, some adored Perry’s unique look. One supporter declared, “Okay, Katy is literally slaying the fashion game yo [sic],” in awe of Perry’s fearless red carpet style. Another admirer chimed in with, “She looks so beautiful and elegant 😭🤍,” captivated by the grace and allure exuded by the singer in her bold attire.

While some continued to love Perry’s bold fashion statement and the dress’s color, others criticized her for seeking attention instead of genuine style. One commenter humorously summarized, “She IS the red carpet [sic].”
How Did Katy Perry Shockingly Bare Her Body?
The “Dark Horse” artist opted to wear minimal clothing as she attended the Balenciaga event without inhibitions. Katy adorned torn sheer tights that sat as low as under her midriff. She paired them with nothing but a thick, black mink coat, leaving her toned stomach and cleavage on display.

Emulating an edgy-chic vibe, she accessorized with black designer shades and closed-toe heels covered by her black tights. Katy fashioned her black locks into a slicked-back long ponytail wrapped with several hair ties.
Several videos show the musical fashionista strutting her stuff when she arrived on the red carpet for the event and when she got inside. One video shows the popular fashion outlet WWD asking the singer how her outfit came to be and why she chose to wear it.

In response, Katy disclosed, “Well, it came about, I had a few options, which was lovely—it’s my first Balenciaga show, thank you—and, it came about because I wanted to be streamlined, sexy, sensual. Simple but chic, and I think I wanted to wear my nylons right above my C-section scar. That’s the lowest I was gonna go.”

Alongside WWD’s post of the star, they captioned, “@katyperry front row for today’s @balenciaga fall 2024 haute couture runway show in Paris. Interview and video: @jdiderich.”

British Vogue also took to Instagram to post their own video of Katy and other celebrities, like Nicole, Charli XCX, Joey King, and Teyana Taylor, arriving for the fashion event. A part of their caption reads, “Hot on the heels of her #VogueWorld Paris cameo, #KatyPerry arrived at the #Balenciaga AW24 couture show.”

While public reaction to Katy’s revealing, all-black look has been somewhat mixed, the majority are unimpressed with her outfit, with many commenting that it is inappropriate. “Embarrassing,” asserted an Instagrammer in the comment section of WWD’s post.

Someone on X commented, “What’s happening to her 😭.” Another spectator wondered, “Sooooooo women don’t wear clothes anymore [?]” “Attention [seeker]. What a shame she has went to these lengths to get Attention,” remarked someone else.

Echoing the disdain, an X user penned, “Inappropriate.” An observer on Facebook who must have watched the WWD video of Katy talking about where she wanted her nylon tights placed said, “I mean you can even see a [cesarean] section scar… not a great look. What was she (and her stylist) thinking 🤔.”

On the other hand, some felt that Katy Perry slayed her look. “She looks stunning..” swooned an admirer, while another praised, “Flawless.”
How Did Nicole Kidman’s Lookalike Daughter Stun?
In the same way that people shared their thoughts on how Katy looked, many also shared their opinions on Nicole, who was seen chatting and laughing with the “Roar” singer at some point during the show.

Joining the “Eyes Wide Shut” talent in the spotlight was her daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. The mother and daughter, who looked like they could easily pass as twins, wore beautiful black dresses.

While Nicole’s garment was sparkly, short-sleeved, and draped down to the floor, Sunday’s was shorter, ending mid-thigh. The young beauty’s dress was also long-sleeved with extra shoulder padding and made out of velvet.

Sunday paired her ensemble with sheer black tights and closed-toe black heels. Both the mom and daughter wore black designer shades as well.
Many photos and videos show the dynamic duo working the camera as they pose for pictures outside and inside the event. Showing off their close bond, Nicole and Sunday were also seen holding hands at different moments.

Like Katy, Nicole and her daughter were spotlighted in the Instagram posts of various fashion outlets like Vanity Fair France, who called Nicole a queen, and Australia’s 10Magazine. “Nicole Kidman and daughter Sunday say hi to 10 Magazine Australia today at the Balenciaga show,” the publication wrote.

Madame magazine also shared an alluring video of Nicole waving and smiling for the many cameras who fervently snapped pictures of the Hollywood star. People who saw the mother-daughter duo couldn’t help but take to online platforms to comment on their appearances.

Gushing over Nicole and Sunday, one fan swooned, “Nicole looks great, she took her daughter Sunday with her. Both Nicole and Keith’s daughters are perfect models. 😍.” Jumping on the praise bandwagon, another admirer lauded, “Nicole is [a] Barbie Doll 🔥.”

Someone who thought Nicole Kidman and Sunday looked so similar questioned, “Clones?” However, amid the compliments came a few criticisms.

“Nicole Kidman gained weight 😮😂😂😂😂,” critiqued a social media user, while another targeted Sunday, writing, “New nepo baby in the game in 3.2.1.”
This digest discussed a lot of noteworthy looks from celebs who attended Paris Fashion Week. From the many varying comments made about their appearances, it’s safe to say that these A-listers certainly know how to steal the spotlight and get the public talking. Stay tuned for more hot news coming your way soon!

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