René-Charles Angélil, Celine Dion’s son, has grown significantly from a baby to a young man.
He resembles his late father and appears older than his actual age, according to online users.
His transformation includes sporting a beard and showing signs of balding.
Celine Dion was married to René Angélil for 21 years before his sad passing in January 2016. A representative announced that the music manager died at his Las Vegas home after a “long and courageous battle against cancer.” He was 73 years old.

Angélil left behind his five-time Grammy Award-winning wife, whom he married in December 1994, including the couple’s three children. Years later, Dion revealed her own health struggles.

In an emotional video shared on Instagram in December 2022, she disclosed her diagnosis of a rare neurological disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome. She announced the cancellation of her European tour due to her condition and expressed deep sadness over the decision.

Despite the loss of her long-time spouse paired with the effects of her illness, Dion has remained strong with the support of their three sons, René-Charles, and youngest twins Nelson and Eddy, 13. René-Charles is her eldest child and was born in January 2001.

He has been in the public eye since infancy, always by his mother’s side. From being photographed as a baby and then as a teenager, to now being a young adult with a beard, here is René-Charles’s dramatic transformation that makes him look older than his age.
René-Charles at Six Months Old
René-Charles was baptized at six months old in July 2001 in Montreal, Quebec. He was photographed with his parents leaving the chapel of the Notre-Dame Basilica.

At the time, the infant had a round face with soft, rosy cheeks and bright, curious eyes. His light brown hair was sparse and fine. He wore a simple, white baby outfit with delicate patterns.

Held lovingly by his world-famous mom Dion in the next image, he looked curious and content, perfectly capturing a tender moment between mother and son.

René-Charles at 15 Months Old
During a family outing in March 2002 in New York City, René-Charles was pictured with his mom and dad again. He wore a cozy, navy blue coat with a matching hat, keeping him warm in the chilly weather. His parents stood proudly beside him, reflecting their happiness and unity as a family.

By September 2002, during a casual day out in Paris, the couple’s first born at 20 months old, had grown further. His light brown hair was slightly longer, framing his face more fully and his features were more pronounced.

René-Charles at Six Years Old
In March 2007, René-Charles was pictured with his mother at Disneyland. Dion stood beside her son, both looking delighted to be at the “Sleeping Beauty” castle.

As a first-time parent, the “I’m Alive” hitmaker once gushed in an interview, “I love being a mom – it relaxes me to read stories to him, do finger painting, play with Play-Doh. I think people have a hard time imagining I can have a normal life, but I do.”

René-Charles at Seven Years Old
A family outing in Paris in May 2008 saw René-Charles photographed with his parents leaving the Four Seasons George V hotel. The youngster, who held his mother’s hand, had his long brown hair parted on the side.

René-Charles at Eight Years Old
In March 2009, René-Charles attended his father’s book launch in Montreal. He had long brown hair that framed his youthful face and his features had become more refined.

By June 2009, Dion’s son accompanied his father, to an event where he became an officer of the National Order. In this picture, the child had shorter brown hair, neatly styled and his facial features showed further maturity.

René-Charles at Nine Years Old
At age nine in 2010, René-Charles attended a premiere event with his parents. He still had short brown hair and his face had become fuller, showing signs of further growth and maturity. His confident demeanor reflected his comfortable presence at the event, highlighting his continued development and evolving style.

René-Charles at Ten Years Old
René-Charles and his siblings Nelson and Eddy accompanied their parents at Caesars Palace in February 2011. He still had brown hair which seemed shorter than the year prior.

René-Charles at 14 Years Old
At 14 years old, René-Charles mourned the death of his beloved father just a week before turning 15. He delivered a heart-wrenching eulogy, saying, “Fifteen years is not a long time for a son to get to know his father. […] You left me now with enough good memories of you to share with my younger brothers.”

The singer was photographed with his mother Dion, and his siblings at his dad’s funeral. A teenager at the time, his face had developed significantly, showing more defined and mature features.

René-Charles at 16 Years Old
A year later, René-Charles was seen in Paris with his mom again this time heading to dinner in July 2017. Then 16, he rocked short brown hair, along with a mustache, adding a touch of maturity to his appearance. He wore a casual yet stylish outfit, featuring a white t-shirt and a red baseball cap.

René-Charles at 17 Years Old
René-Charles celebrated his 17th birthday with Dion in January 2018. Wearing glasses, he looked both sophisticated and stylish in a light gray dress shirt paired with dark trousers, reflecting a polished and put-together look. His mother, dressed elegantly in a yellow dress, stood beside him with a proud smile.

René-Charles at 18 Years Old
For another milestone in January 2019, René-Charles celebrated his 18th birthday with his mother. Dion embraced him lovingly in one Instagram post, both looking content and happy, showcasing their close bond as he entered adulthood.

By June 2019, the young adult was seen on stage with his mother and his younger siblings during a tribute event. He maintained his short brown hair, beard, and mustache, along with his glasses, reflecting his consistent style. The family stood united, with Dion holding flowers.

That same month, René-Charles was seen in Paris, showcasing his distinct and mature style. He wore glasses and his outfit included a gray t-shirt paired with red track pants as he strolled through the city.

René-Charles at 20 Years Old
At age 20, René-Charles was seen posing with a friend on Instagram in October 2021. His confident smile and relaxed demeanor highlighted his comfort in social settings, showcasing his growth into a self-assured young adult.

By December of that year, the Florida native was spotted enjoying an evening out with friends. The backdrop of T-Mobile Arena added a vibrant touch to the photo, and René-Charles’s relaxed posture and friendly expression showed his ease in enjoying casual outings with pals.

René-Charles at 22 Years Old
In November 2023, René-Charles, who resides in Las Vegas with his family, was seen with his mom and his younger brothers after a hockey game with the Montreal Canadiens in Las Vegas. Standing proudly with his family, his relaxed and happy demeanor highlighted his strong family bonds and enjoyment of the event.

René-Charles at 23 Years Old
Now 23, René-Charles escorted his mother as they graced the stage at the 2024 Grammy Awards in February 2024. The duo made a striking presence as Dion presented the Album of the Year award, which Taylor Swift won for “Midnights.”

In addition to making a rare appearance on the Grammys stage, Dion’s son also posed with her and Swift. While sporting a full beard, he exuded confidence and poise, reflecting his growth into a well-rounded young man.

By June 2024, René-Charles was his mothers’ date for the New York City premiere of her documentary “I Am: Celine Dion” at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. For the red carpet appearance, Dion opted for a cream monochromatic look, while, her son wore a classic black suit for the special event.

After attending the event alongside his famous mom, people pointed out that René-Charles is balding just like his late father. “He looks like dad and is going bald like him,” commented one individual.

“He looks a bit older because he’s getting bald, it’s just the genetic, remember his father. He still looks good thought,” wrote the online user. Another person expressed, “Damn…balding already.”

Other online users were stunned to learn Rene-Charles’ age. “23 yo???????” asked one. Another expressed, “Omg I thought he was my age. I’m 30 lol – he’s aging like his daddy.” While one wrote, “23 what???” “I know he is young, but my dude doesn’t look like he is in his early 20s, he looks 10 to 15 years older.”

Two more people commented on Rene-Charles’ age with one writing, “23???? Looks much older.” While another echoed, “23? Wow, he looks like early 40s.” In addition to the reaction of his age, some people gushed over Rene-Charles’ looks.

“Handsome son,” penned one person. Another complimented him and his mom, saying, “She looks beautiful, and her son is so handsome.” Meanwhile, other people stated that Rene-Charles resembles his beloved father. “He looks so like his dad!” exclaimed one user. Another echoed, “[…] He looks a lot like his father.”

Celine Dion’s son has grown significantly since his childhood years. He now seems to opt for a more ragged appearance without his signature long hair.

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