Suri Cruise and her boyfriend, Toby Cohen, turned heads with a romantic display. The pair, fresh from their high school prom, expressed affection for each other painting a picture of young love in full bloom.
Suri Cruise is in love with her boyfriend Toby Cohen. The young couple was recently spotted sharing a sweet moment in Central Park, New York City, capturing the hearts of onlookers.

The 18-year-old daughter of Hollywood icons Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wrapped her arms around Toby as they shared a kiss post-prom. The lovebirds were later seen strolling hand-in-hand through the park, smiling and lost in their own world.
Dressed casually, Suri wore a pale blue T-shirt and beige shorts, paired with black sneakers. She kept her look simple with her brunette hair down and no makeup. Toby matched her laid-back vibe in a black tank top, gray sweatpants, and matching sneakers.

Photos of their romantic moment quickly spread online, sparking a range of reactions. Admirers couldn’t get enough of the young couple, with one fan exclaiming, “How romantic!”
Another gushed over Toby’s looks, commenting, “He is so good-looking. Cute couple.” Echoing this sentiment, another wrote, “Oooooo her boyfriend is handsome.” Of course, not everyone was entirely on board. One observer noted, “How sweet,” while a critic chimed in with, “He doesn’t look too into it.”

A few were surprised by the public display of affection, with one saying, “Shocking.” However, some fans brushed off the fuss, with one remarking, “Lol. It’s just a simple kiss. Nothing dramatic. Not a big deal.”
Suri and her boyfriend, Toby stole the spotlight on Wednesday, 19 as they stepped out in New York City for their high school prom. The LaGuardia High School students attended the glamorous event at the Ascent Lounge in midtown Manhattan. Their appearance had everyone talking.

The 18-year-old looked like a princess in a stunning floral print, corset-style high-low dress. She paired her outfit with elegant beige heels and kept accessories minimal, allowing her dress to take center stage.
Toby, her handsome date, looked dashing in a sharp navy blue suit, complete with a neatly styled white rose in his lapel. The couple held hands and posed for photos, radiating youthful charm and elegance.

As soon as photos of the duo hit social media, reactions poured in. Fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Suri and her famous father. Comments like, “There is a strong resemblance to her father,” and “Suri looks exactly like Tom,” flooded the internet.
One fan even remarked, “She definitely looks like her dad… but of course prettier.” Suri’s outfit also sparked a range of opinions. Admirers gushed over her look, with one saying, “A very pretty dress,” while some critics deemed it “very revealing.

Beyond the prom night, both Suri and Toby are set to embark on new adventures. Toby, an aspiring musician, will be attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Suri, determined to carve her own path, is heading to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. Known for its prestigious School of Design, Carnegie Mellon boasts one of the oldest and highest-ranked programs in the country.

The artistic teen, with a keen interest in fashion, applied to several colleges before making her choice. Suri shared her college plans in a fun TikTok video where she and her friends revealed their chosen schools by wearing their respective sweatshirts.
The video, posted by a fellow student from New York City’s LaGuardia High School, was captioned “LaG commitment day.” Set to Abbi Sutphen’s song “Always Remember You,” the clip featured about a dozen students sporting sweatshirts with their future college names.

When the camera panned to Suri, she proudly showcased her red Carnegie Mellon hoodie, with “Carnegie Mellon” written in bold white letters across the chest.
Grinning and making playful faces, she highlighted her school’s name with enthusiasm. Katie is undoubtedly proud of her daughter’s stellar achievements, but sources say she’s feeling overwhelmed at the thought of sending Suri off to college.

Suri’s college expenses will be covered by her dad, Tom, as agreed in their divorce settlement, which includes an annual payment of $400,000 until she turned 18. However, Tom’s involvement in Suri’s life has been mostly financial, as the two reportedly haven’t been seen together since 2013.
Their estranged relationship took a dramatic turn recently when Suri, now 18, decided to drop her father’s surname. She made this bold change public during her performance in the musical “Head Over Heels” in New York, where she played Princess Philoclea.

The casting sheet for the high school playlisted her as Suri Noelle, adopting her mother’s middle name—Holmes’ full name is Kate Noelle Holmes. After announcing the change, Suri was spotted strolling through New York City, wearing a pink top and white pants, with earphones in, appearing unbothered.
Now that she has turned 18, her legal adulthood brings more than just a name change; it also gives her the freedom to speak openly about her personal life, including her relationship with her father and his ties to Scientology.

Scientology expert Tony Ortega noted that Suri was previously too young to be bound by any agreements restricting her from speaking out. Now, as an adult, she has the liberty to share her thoughts if she chooses, and Ortega suggests it will be intriguing to hear what she might reveal.
He also pointed out that Katie left Tom when Suri was just six to protect her from the influence of his religion, having seen its impact on Tom’s older children, Isabella and Connor. Whether Suri decides to open up or keep her personal matters private, her 18th birthday marks the start of an exciting new chapter.

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