A Hollywood star recently revealed that the King of England was interested in her. While divulging the details in an interview, she asserted “I could be the next Camilla.”

On a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” a well-known actress made an unexpected revelation about King Charles III.

“He was into me, I could feel it. I was like, ‘Maybe I could be the next Camilla.’ This was about 20 years ago,” disclosed the star during the segment.

A video clip of the show surfaced online, which shows Andy Cohen reading out a fan question to her. Before getting to the actual query, it was revealed that the “Liar Liar” talent had met the King in person and even made him laugh.

“What was going through your mind as you were meeting him and what else did you two talk about?” asked Andy via the fan’s question.

Initially, the actress expressed slight confusion at the name. After some prompting from Andy and a chuckle from the audience, she recalled, “Oh! King Charles! Yes, yes! He’s a King!”

She then went on to tell the story of their encounter. “I made him laugh because I said—first of all, he was really into me, I was like Barbra Streisand so,” she asserted.

Continuing with her intriguing story, the actress disclosed that the King had apologized for not having seen any of her films because of his busy schedule. She then spoke about the movie banter the two had, with King Charles III mentioning how he only watches movies while flying.

“He did his elegant Englishman laugh,” she noted when telling Andy Cohen that she told the King that movies on planes tend to cut out all the juicy bits, like nude scenes.

When people saw the video of her revelation, many expressed how they believed her story and showered her with compliments. “I believe it,” wrote one fan while another gushed, “Honestly, anyone with eyes should be really into you.”

Joking around with the potential the movie star had to become the Queen of England, another fan praised, “Queen Jennifer .. 🙌.” Similarly, someone else swooned, “We always knew you were born to be Queen 👑.”

Referencing the message that accompanied the video clip, another admirer stated, ” “Claims”? If Ms. Tilly says it, I believe it.” The Hollywood beauty who unveiled the King of England’s interest in her is the actress who starred in the “Bride of Chucky,” Jennifer Tilly.

Though she is known for playing unforgettable roles that usually include displaying allure and sex appeal, Jennifer is well-versed in the stereotypical notions held in Hollywood.

“I would go to auditions in lots and lots of layers, and people would say, ‘She’s just not sexy.’ […] I started wearing Azzedine Alaia dresses to auditions and that’s when I started getting parts […] You get a really unrealistic idea of what a woman looks like when you live here,” Jennifer previously shared.

Jennifer, who once admitted to looking in the mirror “about 5 to 7 times a day,” remarked that there were people she thought “would be great to look like.”

However, she clarified that she is happy with herself, saying, “Usually, when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m pretty happy with what I see.”

Drawing back to what Jennifer revealed on Andy’s show, after finishing her story, the host asked whether Jennifer’s flirtatious banter with the King was before he was involved with Queen Camilla.

In response, Jennifer, who was married to the late “The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon from 1984 to 1991, clarified, “She was always there.”

“There were three people in that marriage as we know,” added Andy, echoing the same words the late Princess Diana had said in her infamous interview with Martin Bashir. “Well there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” divulged Princess Diana.

Although controversy might have been involved in King Charles III’s relationship with his late ex-wife, the King and Queen Camilla still went on to find happiness with each other.

They have been married for 19 years, having recently celebrated their anniversary, which we previously reported on April 11, 2024. King Charles III and Queen Camilla marked the special milestone with a romantic getaway to Aberdeen.

The royal couple, known for their enduring bond, chose their cherished Highland retreat for this year’s anniversary as they do every year, a tradition they’ve honored since their wedding on April 9, 2005.

Arriving from RAF Northolt in north-west London, they were seen touching down at Aberdeen Airport in the evening. They later made their way to their secluded haven, Birkhall in Balmoral Estate.

Nestled a mere seven miles from the castle, Balmoral is a place that holds sentimental value as it was where they spent their honeymoon.

This visit, set against the backdrop of King Charles III’s ongoing battle with an undisclosed form of cancer, adds mystery to whether he is in the midst of treatment or taking time to rest.

Located in the expansive Cairngorms National Park, this remote estate offers a tranquil escape from public life. For King Charles III, following in his mother’s footsteps to find solace and strength in the beauty of nature is a cherished ritual. It was a ritual that he and Queen Camilla now share as they look back on nineteen years together and forward to many more.

The estate has long been a cherished retreat for the British royal family. As a young princess, the late Queen Elizabeth II, and her late sister Margaret Rose, enjoyed many joyful holidays at Balmoral.

This tradition continued throughout her reign; the estate became her preferred summer sanctuary, where she found peace and solace amidst its vast landscapes. It was here that Queen Elizabeth II indulged in her love for Highland ponies and leisurely took strolls, truly embracing the serene vibe of Balmoral.

Balmoral holds an equally special place in His Majesty’s heart, as a cherished childhood memory and a testament to his grandmother’s influence.

“It is such a special place, particularly because it was made by my grandmother,” he reflected. This “childhood garden,” as he fondly calls it, has seen only modest enhancements by the King, aimed at preserving its original charm and beauty.

Situated 600ft above sea level and facing the majestic Lochnagar mountain, Birkhall, the residence on the estate, is enveloped in an aura of seclusion and tranquility.

The River Muick, a vibrant waterway that courses through the estate, adds charm to the garden. The sound of its water and the loud calls of swifts flying above captivates the Royal. “The river is the magic,” King Charles III marveled.

Meanwhile, the gardens at Birkhall are a testament to the meticulous care and dedication of its caretakers. Flowers blooming in the late summer months also align well with the Monarch’s preferred time to visit.

Interestingly, the hands that tend to this lush expanse, Ann Bain and Suzie Graham, were not always into gardening. Originally horse loggers, their journey to becoming Birkhall Gardens’ custodians began with a desire for change. This led them to garden duties at Birkhall one day a week.

Eight years into this new path, they stepped up as the garden’s full-time caretakers. They progressed under the mentorship of Debs Goodenough, King Charles III’s head gardener at Highgrove.

The garden’s layout is a scenic marvel, with levels that show off many red roses, like Europeana, Le Mans, and Bishop Elphinstone. This floral splendor is anchored by trimmed yew decorations. The main one comes from the late Queen Mother, while King Charles III added more to make the garden look good in winter.

From peas and beans to dahlias and sweet peas, and from potatoes to raspberries, the garden is a blend of fruit, vegetables, and flowers, cultivated to provide fresh produce for the house during the royal family’s stay.

This self-sufficient oasis not only serves the practical needs of Birkhall but also stands as a breathtaking spectacle of nature’s abundance, meticulously curated to peak in beauty when the King and Queen are in residence.

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