Hi, I’m Nikki, and I have a story about how karma sometimes needs a little push. When I saw my ex-fiancé, Mark, at a fancy restaurant with another woman, I couldn’t resist turning an ordinary night out into a perfect opportunity for revenge.
Five years ago, Mark broke off our engagement, claiming I “wasn’t good enough” after his promotion. He wanted someone more refined. It hurt, but I moved on.
Fast forward to last Saturday: single and thriving at 35, I spotted Mark at a new restaurant. I seized the chance for a prank. I had a waiter send over a bottle of champagne with a note: “To Mark, who always settles for second best.” His face turned red, and his date looked puzzled.
Next, I sent an appetizer he’s allergic to with a note: “Just a reminder of what you can’t have.” Mark struggled to explain to his increasingly irritated date.
For the final act, I called my friend Sarah. She pretended to recognize Mark loudly: “How’s your fiancée? Did she finally agree to the open relationship?” Mark’s date, Clara, was horrified and left.
I couldn’t resist walking over to Mark’s table, smiling sweetly. “Hi Mark, guess I wasn’t so ‘not good enough’ after all, huh?” Feeling triumphant, I left the restaurant.
A few days later, I heard Clara had broken up with Mark. Revenge can indeed be satisfying, especially with a touch of humiliation. Thanks for reading!

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