After a chance encounter and years of dating, Ryan and Hanna were about to walk down the aisle and commit to each other. However, just 30 minutes before the ceremony, Ryan’s mother dropped a bombshell. She revealed an incriminating video of Ryan with another woman, shattering Hanna’s heart. But as the truth unfolded, Hanna discovered even more deceit than she had ever expected.

Ryan and I met two years ago in a serendipitous moment. I was at the community theatre, supporting my friend Mila, who was making her directorial debut. Standing outside after the performance with a bouquet of flowers for Mila, Ryan accidentally walked into me, crushing the flowers. Apologizing profusely, he introduced himself. We moved away from the crowded door, and after a brief conversation, we hit it off.

Three months into our romance, Ryan proposed in a pub while we enjoyed Guinness and crispy potato skins. Last week, we were supposed to seal that promise with our wedding vows. But instead, our wedding day took a drastic turn.

Initially, my family welcomed Ryan with open arms. As their only daughter, my parents were thrilled to see me genuinely happy. My mother even remarked on how different I seemed, and my father appreciated that Ryan made me happy. Ryan felt the warmth from my family, and it strengthened our bond.

On Ryan’s side, the Coles also embraced me. They opened their home and hearts, and Mrs. Cole, Audrey, even established a routine of coffee dates and manicures with me. Everything seemed perfect until it wasn’t.

Leading up to our wedding, I was remarkably calm. We had planned a small, intimate church wedding, paying attention to every detail to make it special. But on what was meant to be the happiest day of my life, just before the ceremony, Audrey pulled me aside.

“Darling, can we chat for a moment?” she asked, her demeanor making me anxious. After my glam team finished, I turned to her. Audrey’s eyes were glued to my wedding dress. When I was ready, she handed me her phone.

“There are videos on this phone that will explain everything. I am so sorry, Hanna, but Ryan needs to be caught out,” she said. My mind raced as I watched the videos, revealing Ryan with another woman. The betrayal seemed undeniable.

“Are you sure this is him?” I asked, struggling to believe what I saw. Audrey pointed out a jacket on the bed, one I had bought Ryan, and a familiar hotel room. Despite my reluctance, the evidence was compelling. I felt overwhelmed and decided to confront Ryan during the ceremony.

I walked down the aisle with my father, my heart pounding with fury. Ryan smiled tenderly, unaware of the storm brewing. When it was time for our vows, I quietly said, “I don’t.” The priest asked me to speak louder, and I repeated it confidently, shocking everyone.

“Hanna? What?” Ryan asked, confused and hurt. I directed him to his mother, who reluctantly showed the video to everyone. Ryan, in disbelief, confronted Audrey, who walked away without explanation. I couldn’t bear Ryan’s pleas and ran out of the church, followed by my parents.

Ryan tried to reach out to me, but I blocked his number. Two days later, he showed up at my parents’ house with takeout and flowers, insisting we talk. Reluctantly, I listened. He revealed that Audrey had orchestrated the video using her college students to sabotage our wedding. She believed I was unworthy of Ryan.

I was stunned. For two days, I had convinced myself that Ryan was the villain. But the reality was worse—Audrey, who had claimed me as the daughter she never had, had betrayed me to prevent our marriage. Despite the betrayal, Ryan and I forgave each other. We’re still together, but I don’t know what the future holds. Forgiveness for Audrey will be difficult to come by.

What would you do in my situation?

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