Julia Roberts is rocking a shorter, layered haircut after changing her hair color to a bold blonde. Pictures of the iconic actress show her out and about with her new hairdo while working on something exciting.
Silver screen legend Julia Roberts, 56, has flipped the script again, donning a new haircut after trying out a new color. The “Pretty Woman” star was spotted on British soil with newly-cut blonde locks in recent photos shared online yesterday, July 9.

Complementing her stunning, voluminous hair, Roberts sported a white top, which she covered with a tweed blazer, and white pants that she fastened with a black belt. From the information given by several media outlets, it appears as though Roberts was channeling her upcoming role as a university professor.

Pictures of the Hollywood star, who also wore brown flats, showed her fully in character with a school ID card around her neck and a coffee mug and keys in her hands. The kind actress also took some time to smile and pose for the paparazzi who snapped photos of her on set.

According to reports, Roberts is in the middle of filming an upcoming movie called “After the Hunt,” which is directed by Luca Guadagnino, who appeared in one of the images with Roberts. While not many details about the film have been given yet, what is known is that the plot follows a protagonist (played by Roberts) who faces her past.

Starring alongside the actress in the film are fellow A-listers Andrew Garfield, Ayo Edebiri, Chloë Sevigny, and Michael Stuhlbarg.
Seemingly confirming her role in Guadagnino’s pending project, Roberts shared a cast photo on her Instagram account on July 7. “Here we go! 🎥 🍿 📚 Luca!!!!! 🇮🇹🥰,” she penned alongside the group shot.

In this endearing image, Roberts stood out with her stylish blonde hair. Interestingly, a fashion outlet reveals that her long bob is a classic style that suits most facial shapes and hair types.

According to the outlet’s article about the hairstyle, a long bob strikes the right balance between not being “too trendy” and being ideal for the woman who is looking to switch things up with her hair, but not drastically so. In fact, a lot of hairstylists recommend the shoulder-length look, otherwise known as “the lob” (the longer bob).

Of the hairstyle, celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate shares, “The lob makes all hair look thick and healthy. Also, the strong lines draw attention to bone structure and help frame [and flatter] the face.”

While Julia Roberts’ “lob” look may be new, her blonde color isn’t. The “Notting Hill” talent, known for her signature red hair, first debuted the change of color at a fund-raising gala in Los Angeles hosted by President Joe Biden. However, the change did not sit well with everybody.

Readers were quick to share their thoughts on Roberts’ dramatic change to blonde. Opinions varied widely, with some commenters feeling the look did not suit her.

One reader, who strongly associates Roberts’ classic look with her identity, bluntly stated, “not the same person [sic].” Another suggested that the new shade doesn’t align with their vision of her beauty, writing, “That is not a pretty woman. Bleached blonde is not for her.”

An observant reader pointed out the mismatch between her hair color and skin tone, noting, “Doesn’t go with her skin color.” “Red is so much prettier,” another chimed in, reaffirming the preference for Roberts’ previous look.

However, not all feedback was critical. “Great fresh look for her!” expressed one reader enthusiastically, embracing the change as a refreshing update. “It suits her [and] makes her face softer [sic],” another fan noted, highlighting the transformative power of the new color.

Finally, one reader shared a practical perspective about Roberts’ hair color change, highlighting, “She probably went with blond because she is grey. Blond covers grey better [sic].” This practical view somewhat aligns with insights shared by High Brow Hippie, the salon responsible for Roberts’ new hairstyle.

The group, along with celebrity hairstylist and Roberts’ longtime collaborator Serge Normant divulged their careful approach on Instagram, explaining, “When making drastic color changes, in this case from red to blonde, my approach is always the same- slow and methodical, while always keeping the health and integrity of the hair first and foremost [sic].”

The salon also emphasized patience and multiple sessions to achieve natural and realistic results while maintaining the hair’s health. Interestingly, going blonde wasn’t Roberts’ only recent hair transformation. She sported another hairstyle last year (2023), too.

In March 2023, she made an impromptu change by sporting bangs at an event in Geneva, Switzerland, which she attended as Chopard’s brand ambassador.

Normant, who also styled Roberts’ bangs, shared that the transformation was unplanned. “With Julia, we had been talking about bangs that she wore in the past. She always liked them so it was very spontaneous!” he shared.

Roberts has flaunted many enviable hairstyles on the red carpet, including a memorable look at the 1997 “Red Corner” film premiere in New York City, where she combined two striking styles. She impressed with wispy bangs and blonde hair, further showcasing her versatility and flair.

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