Julia Roberts celebrated her youngest son’s 17th birthday and took to Instagram to mark the milestone with a beautiful picture. Though the photo is rare, as Julia is typically known to be private about her kids, she and her husband have shown glimpses of Henry Moder before, which have left fans in awe.
A hearty Happy Birthday is in order for the son of Hollywood couple Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder! Henry Moder, the youngest member of their family, turned 17 on June 18. His doting mom celebrated the joyous occasion with an adorable mother-son post, one of many that have prompted a flurry of positive reactions online.

In the “Pretty Woman” star’s photo, her eyes are filled with nothing but love and happiness as she gazes down at Henry, who was only a baby when the picture was taken. Nestled in the protective arms of his mom, the curious, precious baby’s attention seems to be captivated by something outside the frame.

Expressing both her pride and amazement, Julia penned a short and sweet caption alongside the picture. “Incredible that this baby is now a towering 17 year old wonder! Happy Birthday beautiful Henry 💙,” she wrote.

Although both Julia and Henry’s dad, Daniel, tend to prioritize the privacy of their children, the couple has been known to show exclusive photos and videos of them from time to time. The duo, especially Daniel, have shared endearing family moments with onlookers, often posting media of Henry, Hazel, and Phinnaeus Moder enjoying activities like biking and skating.

One such Instagram post shared by Daniel shows Henry showing off his skating skills at a skate park. The slow-motion video depicts the teenager, who is dressed in dark jeans and an olive-colored t-shirt, maneuvering his skateboard on an uphill ramp.
Henry then manages to swivel the board around once he gets to the top of the ramp and his handsome face comes into the camera frame. The video then zooms further in, giving followers a close-up view of his visage and striking eyes.

Daniel shared the impressive video on June 18, 2021, to celebrate Henry’s 14th birthday. “Turning 14…. turning in the air…summers turn. Ya Henry,” penned the doting dad in his caption.

The comment section of this particular post was abuzz with praise and compliments for the now-17-year-old from followers who also asserted their opinions about which parent Henry resembles the most. “He looks just like you. Handsome boy,” said a fan.

Another echoed, “Looks just like his Dad!😍 beautiful children.” Agreeing with the father-son lookalike comments, but bringing Henry’s mom into the mix as well, someone else added, “Has mom’s hair. No denying that child. Lol.”

On the other hand, an Instagrammer expressed, “Obviously NO Roberts genes at all in this family! 😊” When Henry’s lookalike father shared an older picture of his son on social media, followers took to the comment section yet again.

In the picture from 2018, Henry poses in casual-cool attire in a lighthouse. Looking down at the camera, the skater boy’s lengthy hair fell loosely to frame his face.

Contextualizing the vibey snap, Daniel captioned, “Look closely to see the star spangled shorts. One cool kid…happy 4th of July from a lighthouse in the Cape.” “Handsome Henry,” asserted an admirer underneath the post, while another commented, “Julias eyes 😊🙋🏼‍♀️.”

Whether or not Julia shares any resemblance with Henry does not bear any weight on the love she has for him and his siblings. She has boasted about them on many occasions and prioritizes her role as their mother above everything else.

In a past interview where she sat down to discuss her then-new movie “Ticket to Paradise,” the interviewer asked Julia about her description of herself as a homemaker. In response, the mom of three disclosed, “When I’m not working, that is my full-time job. And it isn’t, you know, rainbows and kittens every day, but it does bring me a lot of joy.”

She also spoke about the special bond she shares with Henry as her breakfast buddy because the two of them enjoy the most important meal of the day immensely. “I love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal. My younger boy, Henry, he’s my breakfast partner,” Julia shared.

The interviewer recognized the “Notting Hill” actress’ love for breakfast so much that they even joked about keeping her away from enjoying the meal with Henry Moder because of the interview. “Yes! We love our breakfast!” Julia Roberts agreed with a smile.

Apart from Henry, Julia also dotes on her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus. When her only daughter appeared alongside her cinematographer dad at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival to support his film, “Flag Day,” Julia spoke fondly of Hazel. The father-daughter moment also caught the eye of the public, who marveled at how similar she looks to Daniel.

For the prestigious event, Hazel, who was 16 years old then, opted for a casual chic look, adorning a yellow button-down dress with flower lace embroidery and black Mary Janes with chunky heels. She also tied her blonde locks in a ponytail. Her dad, on the other hand, wore a classy black suit.

Hazel made her parents proud, especially her mother, who said her daughter carried herself well. Upon recalling the rare moment, Julia praised her daughter and joked about their back and forth over her look and assertiveness with not wanting to wear eyeliner, stating, “She is a one-of-a-kind, that girl…I mean, it’s just sweet, just the innocence…”

When fans saw pictures of Hazel on her dad’s arm, many complimented the young lady on how she looked and called her pretty but noted the difference in physical appearance between Hazel and Julia. One fan mentioned, “She’s lovely but you’d never guess who her mum is…they really are not alike at all.”

Another person reiterated, “She doesn’t look anything like her Mum.” While others agreed about the difference between Hazel and Julia, some asserted that she looks more like her dad. Although many feel that Hazel and Julia do not look alike, they still complimented the 19-year-old on her beauty.

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