After a long struggle, pop star Katy Perry has won ownership of a beautiful 2-acre estate in Montecito. The property, which looks amazing in the photos, is a big win for Perry. It comes after many challenges, including her pregnancy, motherhood, and a lengthy court battle.
After a long legal fight, Katy Perry has won ownership of a private 2-acre estate in Montecito. This ends a four-year battle over this beautiful California property.
The legal issues started in July 2020 when Carl Westcott agreed to sell the estate to Katy’s business manager for $15 million. But soon after, Westcott informed Katy’s team that he no longer wished to sell, igniting a lengthy legal battle.

In December 2023, the court decided in favor of Katy. She has paid $9 million for the estate so far, as recorded in the property documents. The remaining balance will be settled once the damages, which could be as high as $6 million, are determined.

Katy is seeking compensation for lost fair-market rental value, deferred maintenance, and necessary repairs for water damage and a fallen tree.

Katy owns DDoveB, a company named after her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, which she used to get the deed for the estate on May 17.

The deed was filed just two days before Katy’s final episode as a judge on “American Idol,” marking the end of her seven-season tenure on the popular show.

With its breathtaking views and gated seclusion, the Montecito estate promises to be a sanctuary for Katy and her family. The property’s luxurious features and serene environment make it a perfect retreat for the star amidst her busy career and family life.
This victory in securing her Montecito estate is a milestone that marks a new chapter for Katy and her family, particularly for her daughter, Daisy. The estate promises to be a place of joy and making memories, much like the heartwarming moment shared during “American Idol’s” Mother’s Day episode.

Sunday, May 12 marked a very special occasion for iconic pop star Katy. In addition to joining countless mothers around the world in celebration of Mother’s Day, the “Firework” artist’s daughter paid her a visit during the Disney Night episode of “American Idol.”

On this day, Daisy Dove Bloom, whom Katy shares with her partner, famous actor Orlando Bloom, was spotted in the audience of the singing competition show. The beautiful little girl was sitting in her doting dad’s lap as they both watched Katy, who magically transformed into Cinderella during the show, with pride.

Adding an extra layer of sweetness to Daisy’s appearance on TV is the fact that Katy and Orlando have been very private about their daughter, who is rarely seen in public.
Fans who watched the episode could not stop gushing over the adorable child and couldn’t help but notice how similar she looks to her doting mom.

“So stinking cute,” wrote one fan, while another praised, “Beautiful like her Mommy.” Referencing Daisy and Katy’s resemblance, another fan noted, “She looks just like her mother ❤️.” Although most were in agreement concerning which parent Daisy physically takes after the most, some felt differently.

“She’s adorable. 🥰 To me [she] looks more like her daddy,” commented another admirer. On the other hand, someone else highlighted, “I think that Daisy looks like both of them!”
Talking about the entire family and the show, another fan expressed, “I saw them on ‘American Idol’ last night…..a beautiful family! I wonder what Daisy thought of Katy as Cinderella? She looked fabulous!”

During a press event for the show’s Disney Night episode, Katy discussed celebrating Mother’s Day with an interviewer from a media outlet.
In response to a prompt about what it meant for her to have Daisy, almost four years old, and Orlando cheering her on from the crowd, Katy swooned over how “wonderful” the experience was for her.

After talking about how she sent flowers to all the moms in her family for Mother’s Day, the “Dark Horse” musician divulged, “Now being a mother myself, I know how important it is for mothers to be celebrated and supported and loved and it just—of course Daisy changed my life 100 percent.”

She then spoke about how they went to Disneyland for Thanksgiving last year and continued to discuss the show’s special episode and her magical transformation.
Of how the little girl—who, like her mom, was also dressed as Cinderella—reacted to seeing Katy as the beloved princess, the singer shared, “She loved it! She was upset to leave just now because she wants Cindy to come home.”

Other topics discussed during the interview included how Katy felt about her time on “American Idol” coming to an end soon and why she decided to pick Cinderella for her last Disney Night episode. “I just feel like this whole time has been a true Cinderella story,” disclosed Katy.

Aside from celebrating Mother’s Day as Cinderella on the show, Katy also marked the monumental occasion with an endearing Instagram post. She shared a carousel of images showing heartwarming memories from when she first found out she was pregnant with Daisy.

“Today I told my mother that the day I realized how much she loved me is the day I had my own daughter, Daisy Dove… there is nothing like a Mother’s love… never take it for granted… Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and caretakers — any way you come ♥,” penned the loving mother in her carousel caption.

The carousel included photos of her positive pregnancy test and a picture of her Facetiming with Orlando Bloom to share the exciting news with him. Katy Perry told him the news via Facetime because he was filming in Prague.

There was also a video of her telling fellow “American Idol” judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, that she was pregnant and footage of a doctor’s ultrasound check-up where she heard her daughter’s heartbeat for the first time.
The rest of the images depicted Katy showing off her baby bump which grew bigger and bigger with each transition to the next photo.

Katy’s Instagram post showing throwback images of when she was pregnant with Daisy comes two months after she fueled rumors that she was pregnant with her second baby.
When the Billboard Women in Music event took place in March of this year, the artist’s figure-hugging ensemble sparked pregnancy speculation among social media users.

For her look, Katy opted for a daring blend of a strapless corset and a figure-hugging red skirt accented with silver fabric and criss-cross detailing that left her underwear and a bit of her backside exposed.
She paired her ensemble with pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, red lipstick, towering black heels, and fashioned her black locks into a sleek long ponytail and fringe.

Social media platforms were flooded with comments and conjectures. “She is definitely pregnant,” one person declared confidently, while another pondered, “Is this [a] reveal announcement?” The curiosity didn’t stop there, with others hinting, “Um, baby #2 coming soon…” and outright stating, “Katy looks pregnant.”

While many focused on the possibility of a new addition to Katy and Orlando’s family, some voices expressed concern over her choice of attire, particularly in light of Katy’s role as a mother.
“I love you Katy but this is too much as [a] mom,” criticized someone. “I don’t care how hot my body is…I wouldn’t [wear] that dress, plus I’m a mom…I want some respect!” another echoed.

Despite the flurry of reactions to her outfit and the swirling pregnancy rumors, the couple has yet to confirm any news regarding expecting a second child.
As far as where the possibility of bringing a new life into the world stands, Katy previously discussed putting baby plans with Orlando on hold due to her past Las Vegas residency. In a 2022 interview, she clarified, “I’m in Vegas, and I can’t do that show with anything in my belly, especially a human.”

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