Keira Knightley recently made a rare public appearance with her husband, delighting fans with their stylish outing.
Keira Knightley rarely pleases fans with public appearances.
In general, it is not often possible to catch a celebrity outside the house
sometimes the paparazzi manage to catch the actress on a walk or on set.

Keira Knightley Comes Out Of Fashion “Retirement” For Erdem | British Vogue
However, the day before there was no need to catch anyone – the Pirates of the Caribbean star appeared at the opening of an exhibition in the British county of Derbyshire. And not alone, but together with her husband James Wrighton.
Seeing the actress in a luxurious outfit and without a cigarette in her mouth (this habit of Kira’s fans is especially annoying), and even in the company of her husband, was a surprise. They noted with delight that this girl doesn’t care about the years: both now and some 10 years ago, she looks equally luxurious and manages – for a second – without annoying fillers, facelifts and other appearance-improving procedures.

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