Clearwater, Florida, toddler James McCallum earned the nickname “little Ninja Turtle” from his parents due to a rare skin condition resembling a turtle shell on his back. Despite inconclusive ultrasounds, concerns arose when scabbing and lumps appeared on James’ back post-birth. The mysterious condition covered 75% of his back, growing rapidly, impacting his sleep and daily life.
Facing uncertainty, James underwent an MRI to assess internal growth risks, leading to surgery at 2½ months to remove the nevus. Fortunately, no internal growth was found. Post-surgery, parents Kaitlyn and Tim discovered a supportive Facebook group, learning about potential side effects like itchiness.
Connecting with a specialist, they initiated tissue expansion in September 2022, injecting saline weekly to replace affected skin. Despite challenges, James is now happier, and his parents anticipate complete removal by summer, prioritizing his comfort over potential scarring.

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