Once a beautiful actress, Heather Locklear, star of “Dynasty,” was a woman many admired, but today she is no longer the beauty that Hollywood once loved.

Once considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, the stunning Heather Locklear was best known to our audience for her roles as Sammy Jo in the series “Dynasty,” Amanda Woodward in “Melrose Place,” and her appearances in “Spin City.”
A natural beauty, Heather was adored by men and envied by women. She filled newspaper columns with stories about her looks, making it seem like her place among the stars was unshakable. However, her fame, popularity, and belonging to the Hollywood jet set didn’t last long. For years now, she has been known not only for her career but also for various rumors and not-so-flattering stories.
Heather didn’t have much luck in love either. She was married to Tommy Lee, from whom she divorced in 1993. Recently, Tommy Lee’s current wife revealed that his greatest love was not, as many thought, Pamela Anderson, but Heather. She later married Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. However, after divorcing her second husband in 2006, problems began to arise.

It is well known that she has long been struggling with various vices, from alcohol addiction to drug dependency. Heather has had legal issues, and mental and psychological crises, as well as rehab clinics, are not unfamiliar to her.
The actress was arrested for driving under the influence, and tests showed she had taken drugs. Reports said she had physical altercations with the police while intoxicated. Just a day after being released from jail, she allegedly overdosed on pills and ended up in the hospital.
Since 2019, Heather is reportedly “clean,” crediting her partner Chris and her daughter Ava for her sobriety. However, even her relationship with Chris has not been without its challenges.

Locklear no longer looks as natural as she once did. On the contrary, it’s clear that surgeries have altered her appearance to the point where she is almost unrecognizable. Take a look at some of her recent photos: Scroll for more;

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