Anouska Delon, a French-Dutch actress better known as the daughter of the legendary Alain Delon, who just turned 88 in November, shared the latest photo of her father on Instagram yesterday.

Sometimes, children cause immense misery to their parents. This seems to be the case with the legendary French actor Alain Delon, one of the greatest figures of French cinema’s golden era. Delon, with his striking blue eyes, was a heartthrob in post-war France, bringing cheer during a time of gloom and sorrow.

Delon lived a regal life and shone on the screen for over 50 years, acting in 90 films, many of which were widely acclaimed. For example, “The Leopard” attracted 134 million viewers. He was undoubtedly a star.

However, Delon’s final days are marked by misery. At 88, he is severely disabled by a stroke, and his three children—Anthony, Anouchka, and Alain-Fabien—seem indifferent to his plight. They are embroiled in bitter legal battles.

The sibling feud began when Anthony (59), whose mother Nathalie was Delon’s only wife, accused his half-sister Anouchka of concealing the results of medical tests conducted by Swiss doctors on their father. Their brother, Alain-Fabien (29), sided with Anthony and made several accusations against Anouchka.

“I took this photo of Dad on Friday morning. It’s a memory of our moments together. I’m endlessly grateful to have had breakfast with him. These are unique moments of tenderness in my tough world,” said his daughter Anouska recently.

“I thought about how handsome he is. With his forever blue eyes, steely gaze, vibrant and spirited, he gives me unimaginable strength. My immortal. I showed him the photo and he thought it was beautiful, so beautiful that I asked him if I could share it with you. With his permission, here it is. And to your concerns, he says: ‘Don’t worry,’” revealed Anouska Delon.


Handsome old man

Alain with his youngest son

Old Alain Delon

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