Brian Warter, 51, and Erica Wishart, 48, parents of six, tragically drowned while on their first family vacation in Florida. The couple were swimming with two of their children on Hutchinson Island on June 20 when they were caught in a powerful rip current.
The teenagers tried to rescue their parents but were overpowered by the strong currents. Emergency responders arrived quickly, but Brian and Erica were pronounced dead at the hospital.
Despite red flags warning of dangerous riptide conditions, the couple ventured into the water. According to Brian’s father, Larry Warter, the trip was a significant event for the family, who had planned it for over a month. “They were so thrilled,” he said. Brian’s mom, Susie Warter, noted the couple’s deep love and the outpouring of community support.
A GoFundMe page was set up in their memory, highlighting Erica’s dedication to her family and community. The National Weather Service emphasizes the importance of staying calm and swimming parallel to the shore to escape rip currents. This tragedy serves as a reminder to follow safety warnings while swimming.

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