Lissandro Formica took the stage on “The Voice” with a bang, performing Elvis Presley’s “Too Much.” His powerful voice immediately caught the attention of the judges, who turned their chairs one by one in the first 30 seconds, each with smiles growing wider as they listened.

As Lissandro continued, his infectious energy transcended the stage, prompting an extraordinary scene: the judges began to dance with one another. This spontaneous act highlighted the unifying power of his performance, making it a standout moment of the show.

In the audience, Lissandro’s family could hardly contain their excitement. They were seen jumping and cheering, fully immersed in the joy of the moment. Despite the lively atmosphere, Lissandro himself maintained a serious and confident demeanor throughout the performance, showcasing a professionalism that impressed everyone watching.

The performance concluded with enthusiastic applause and commendations from the judges, who praised Lissandro’s vocal strength and stage presence. His ability to maintain composure under the spotlight hinted at a promising future ahead in the competition.

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