On the left side of Pujada Roja de Manresa stands the Carreras Tower, a magnificent structure built around 1920 in the Noucentista style. It’s a grand building that resembles a small palace and is considered the most successful example of Noucentisme in Manresa. However, despite its architectural and artistic significance, the tower is currently in a state of ruin, which could have been prevented with proper care and diligence in preserving the heritage.

The Carreras Tower has a fascinating history. It was once guarded and maintained by an Italian caretaker who allowed limited access to the interior. The interior, resembling a small Renaissance palace, matched the impressive exterior. However, over time, the building fell into a state of abandonment, leading to its decline.

In 2015, the Bages Study Center discovered the deteriorating condition of the tower and reported it to the Manresa City Council. Unfortunately, due to legal complications regarding ownership, the council claimed they couldn’t intervene. As the tower faced increasing vandalism and destruction, the Bages Study Center initiated the “Save Torre Carreras” campaign, urging the city council to take action. Despite these efforts, the council’s response was limited, and the tower continued to suffer.

The situation reached a critical point when the city council finally took action by placing fences and police tape around the tower, prohibiting access. However, this was after substantial damage had already occurred. The tower was subsequently closed off, preventing further destruction by trespassers. Yet, the decay caused by exposure to the elements continued.

This case highlights a broader issue in Manresa – the neglect of heritage sites. Other examples, including the Panyos Factory, Nova Factory, and Creu del Tort road, underscore the need for a more proactive approach to preserving the city’s cultural heritage. Urgent restoration is now essential to save the still majestic Torre Carreras from further decay. These instances call for increased attention and solutions to protect and celebrate Manresa’s rich heritage, reflecting the values of a cultured and advanced society.

Content above via: Jaume Serra and Carné

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