This Hollywood actor is devoted to his family but has not spent time with his twin granddaughters due to several family conflicts with their mother. Despite the family drama, the actor has never stopped putting his family before his demanding acting career.
This longtime actor stands out not only for his roles in famous movies like “Face/Off,” “National Treasure,” and “Leaving Las Vegas,” but also as a loving father and grandfather. He has won an Oscar but at home, he is just as committed to loving and caring for his family.
However, the 60-year-old actor and the mother of his son, Christina, 56, have faced some challenges. The former couple shares a son Weston, a father of four. The couple had close relationships with their grandchildren, but they have not been able to spend time with their twin granddaughters, who Weston shares with Hila Aronian.
Weston and Hila tied the knot in a unique rocker and boho-themed ceremony at a large estate in Canyon Country, California, in 2018. The wedding was a vibrant affair with specialty cocktails and music by acoustic singer and guitarist Jennifer Lynn Simpson.
While many family members, including his mother Christina, great-uncle Francis Ford Coppola, and great-aunt Talia Shire, were present, one notable person was absent: Weston’s famous father.


According to a source, he was overseas shooting a film and could not attend, though he wished he could have been there to celebrate and was happy for his son.
During the ceremony, Weston expressed his deep feelings for Hila, “To marry the sacred individual that the universal mind created me for is the greatest honor I’ve ever received. She is the divine incarnation of everything I love and the owner of my heart.”

Weston’s famous father is none other than Nicolas Cage. While Nicolas adores his son and grandchildren, he has had to watch Weston deal with a messy ending to his marriage.
Weston and Hila welcomed twin daughters, Cypress and Venice, during the peak of the pandemic. However, their marriage soon deteriorated, leading to an acrimonious divorce that was still reported to be unresolved.

When the twins arrived on April 8th, 2020, after 36 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy, Hila shared the good news on Instagram. She proudly described them as “advanced and alert,” because of their ability to hold their heads up and their surprising strength, which made them seem older than their age.
However, the messy divorce between her and Weston also led to a bigger family matter. According to reports, Weston and his mother, Christina, initiated defamation lawsuits against Hila in Los Angeles. The court documents accused Hila of spreading malicious falsehoods via a blog, social media, and various media outlets.

The core of Christina’s lawsuit revolved around several severe accusations against Hila. She claimed that Hila created a hostile environment that has estranged her and Nicolas from their grandchildren.
Christina also alleged that Hila manipulated Weston into filing a restraining order against her shortly after the twins’ birth, under the threat of denying him access to his children. This restraining order was later dismissed when Weston failed to appear in court.

Furthermore, Christina accused Hila of embezzling $100,000 from Weston during a vulnerable period of his mental health recovery. The lawsuits claimed that these actions were part of a broader strategy to isolate Weston from his family and damage their reputations.
Christina, who runs her own beauty business, expressed her devastation over the situation. “Hila is stonewalling the entire family with her smear campaign. She has created a hostile narrative and environment that makes it impossible for the family to see or have a relationship with the children both privately and publicly,” she said.

She described the ongoing legal and emotional struggle as a “nightmare” that has deeply affected the family. Nicolas was also caught up in the family crisis. Hila previously alleged in a spousal support case that the actor had failed to fulfill a promise to help care for the twins.
As Nicolas and Christina strive to cope with the ongoing issues, they remain focused on mending family rifts and hoping for a resolution that will allow them to reconnect with their grandchildren. “In these trying times, our family’s resilience is tested. But we remain committed to overcoming these challenges and restoring our family’s harmony,” Christina concluded.

Weston followed in his father’s acting footsteps having honed his skills as a a storyteller and performer from a young age.
He recalled spending his childhood gathering friends to create elaborate home videos with stage blood, combat sequences, and intricate dialogues. “I think it was definitely encouraged, but everyone predicted that I would become an actor just because I spent the majority of my childhood getting together with friends and creating stories and having it videotaped,” Weston shared. 

Weston’s passion for acting was nurtured not only by his interests but also by those of his father, who played a significant role in encouraging his son’s creative expression. Nicolas often dressed Weston in various costumes, helping him dive deeper into his roles.
“Weston is what I call the total artist. He can do things I dream about doing…compose music, sing, act, sculpt, and cook and now he is a loving father,” Nicolas shared.

However, Weston also fell into substance abuse. At the time of his struggles, he had been making headlines for the messy split from Nikkie Williams and a flight he had with his trainer. But after welcoming his son Lucian Augustus with ex-wife Danielle life felt brighter again.

Weston confessed, “It got to the point where people thought I was digging my grave.” But he credited his son for saving his life. “Lucian’s saved both of our lives, and we are very blessed to have him. It’s just a very joyous time right now,” he added.

From how fondly Nicolas speaks of his family, it is clear that he is nothing like the tough roles he plays on screen. In real life, the actor is a soft and loving grandfather.
He once gushed over how much he loved spending time with his grandson Lucien. “I love it. Every second,” he expressed. In addition to Weston, Nicolas has a son, Kal-El, with Alice Kim.

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim at the Ghost Rider Premiere in New York in 2007 | Source: Getty Images

Despite Nicolas Cage’s busy work life, he always puts his family first and has admitted that he turned down several roles in big productions for his children.
“I turned down ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Matrix’ because I didn’t want to go to New Zealand for three years or Australia for three years because I needed to be home with my son Weston, that’s a fact,” he expressed.
While maintaining a happy and well-maintained personal and professional life can be challenging, the Cage family continues to strive for it every day.

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