For an extended period, neighbors could only watch helplessly as this remarkable house in York, Pennsylvania, gradually succumbed to decay. Walls, doors, windows—everything crumbled, creating an imminent collapse.

Built in 1887, this house is a splendid exemplar of Queen Anne-style architecture, named after the ruler of England in the early 18th century. This architectural style is characterized by its old-world elegance, extravagance, and ornate details, often featuring asymmetrical designs with highly embellished facades and multiple stories.


Despite its grandeur with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and intricate brick details, neglect allowed this house on 505 Linden Ave in York, PA, to fall into disrepair. Fortunately, one individual recognized the potential and value in restoring its architectural history.

The transformation is truly remarkable! The 2,879-square-foot house now exudes a completely different charm. Careful restoration has breathed new life into the building, adorning it with inviting shades of olive green, terracotta red, and gold.

When the house was put up for sale and its pictures went viral, there was a clamor to learn more about this beautiful property. Originally licensed as a bed and breakfast, it also holds the potential to serve as a family home, perhaps in line with its original intention.

Although it’s no longer on the market, Trulia estimates its current value at $332,900. Imagining life within these walls becomes a tempting prospect. If you share the desire to move into this enchanting abode, feel free to share its story on Facebook and join others who dream of calling it home!

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