The NFL champion was a surprise feature in the Prince of Wales’ family snap
Prince William celebrated his 42nd birthday with the global hits of pop superstar Taylor Swift, and now they’ve shared a selfie that has taken social media by storm.
The heir to the British throne, Prince William, celebrated his 42nd birthday last night in high spirits.
Although members of the royal family are often seen as stiff and reserved, the future king frequently delights the public with his “ordinary and normal” actions.
At Taylor Swift’s concert yesterday, the prince showed he knows how to have fun and enjoy himself. The singer has now shared a selfie with the heir and his children.
Country-pop sensation Taylor Swift kicked off her “Eras” summer tour with a concert at London’s Wembley Stadium last night.
Supporting her from the audience was her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who attended with his older brother and his brother’s wife. Special guests at this concert included members of the British royal family.

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Prince William decided to celebrate his 42nd birthday by enjoying Swift’s hits, and after the concert, this unforgettable experience was captured in a selfie that caused a real buzz on the internet.

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