Although King Charles did not want to meet his younger son, Prince Harry, in London last month due to his busy schedule, which surprised many. Now there are now growing rumors that a reconciliation between them might be possible.
However, this won’t happen overnight, as the monarch has certain conditions that must be met for them to reconcile, insiders claim. Due to numerous family scandals that Harry has been involved in repeatedly, some even doubt that he will be able to meet these ultimatums.
King Charles would like to be closer to Harry and have a good relationship with his son, but it all depends on whether Harry will fulfill his father’s wishes.

He needs to stop writing books and giving embarrassing interviews,” royal expert Tom Quinn told the Mirror, referring to Harry’s controversial 2023 memoir, “Spare,” which contained numerous contentious statements about the British royal family.
Quinn noted that Harry would need to abandon the stance that he is a victim of his family. The problems between Harry and the royal family were publicly revealed in his book and a series of interviews, but it is suspected that the issues began much earlier. A significant factor in this rift is believed to be Harry’s relationship with his stepmother, Camilla.
It was recently suggested that the King is unhappy with his relationship with his younger son and Meghan, and now more than ever, he wants to improve it.
Family relations have been complicated by a series of scandals from Megxit in 2020 to the present. When the question arises at the palace about whether Charles will see his grandchildren over the summer, it is met with resentment, mockery, and disbelief, according to the Daily Mail.
For years, the Prince has tried to sever ties with the UK only to occasionally make moves that reassure the public he hasn’t forgotten his homeland. It seems everything is far from forgotten, and these details could hint at reconciliation this year.

Quinn adds that Harry “misses” his friends from the military and college, who have reportedly not visited him in California because they “don’t get along with” Meghan, whom the Prince married in 2018 in Windsor. The couple has a daughter, Lilibet Diana, and a son, Archie Harrison.
“Harry is determined to find a permanent home in the United Kingdom, partly driven by his ongoing legal battle for British taxpayers to fund his security while he is in the UK,” Quinn notes.
Harry and Meghan Markle have not had a permanent residence in the UK since King Charles took away Frogmore Cottage last year. The process of reclaiming the house began in January 2023, shortly after Harry’s memoir “Spare” was published.

Harry recently missed the wedding of his friend, the Duke of Westminster, in Chester. Sources claim he did so because his brother William was given an important role in the ceremony, a role Harry had wanted to perform.
The King’s decision to take away their house in the UK triggered Harry’s choice, further cutting his ties with Britain. Last June, it was announced that Frogmore Cottage had been permanently taken from the well-known couple.
Harry and Meghan were not invited to the recent celebration of King Charles III’s official birthday in London, where Kate Middleton made a significant return. You can read all the details about that event in a separate article.
Prince Harry has visited London twice this year. How did those visits go? The relationship between Harry and his brother William is also important, as multiple sources say William is not ready to forgive the numerous scandals.

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