Sal Valentinetti, a 20-year-old contestant on America’s Got Talent 2016, stunned the judges and viewers with his brash entrance and electrifying performance, which earned him the Golden Buzzer. His charisma and larger-than-life demeanor made him instantly likeable, but it was his natural singing talent that truly won over the crowd.
Those three words—”I’m gonna entertain you like you’ve never been entertained before”—could make or destroy an audition. What Sal Valentinetti said to Howie Mandel, nevertheless, was that very thing, and he then broke into a flawless baritone voice that made everyone in the room quiver. Below you can see his captivating and enchanting rendition of “My Way,” a famous song by Frank Sinatra:

Seeing Sal Valentini’s mother gives us a look into the vulnerable side of his self-assured heart before his spectacular performance. “My mother is everything to me,” he said, confidently claiming that his beloved mother would be in the house tonight. He went on record as saying that he was competing on America’s Got Talent for more than just a performance. His amazing voice effortlessly fills a room, and he performed with the support of his family and an armory of self-assurance.
Among the many timeless hits that propelled Frank Sinatra to superstardom in the mid-20th century and into the ranks of the all-time top music sellers, “My Way” is a prime example. With a career-spanning record sales of over 150 million, he composed a wide variety of timeless hits, such as the unforgettable “That’s Life,” which reminds us of the positive aspects of life even when we’re feeling down. Hear it now:


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