Who ‘Died And Was In Heaven For 3 Days’ Reveals A Chilling Vision Of The Future
Note: Some readers may find the discussion in this page upsetting.
A lady who “died and spent three days in heaven” has revealed what she discovered to be a terrifying realization of what lies ahead.
Julie Poole is a self-proclaimed spiritual guru who has made a career out of sharing her teachings with others.

She did, however, experience “physical, mental, s**al, and emotional abuse” starting at a young age.
While this left her in ruins, the spiritual and personal empowerment coach has stated, it also helped her become more spiritual.
Poole has never held back when discussing her experiences, and she frequently writes about them. She recently talked about her near-death experience following a suicide attempt.
According to the author, when she overdosed on medication in her 20s, she “died” in a sense and was taken to a “spirit realm” that resembled heaven. Poole claimed to have seen glimpses of the future of humanity there.

She said: “I suddenly saw my guides and my angels around me and then they lifted me up, and took me up to the Higher Realms. I just remember saying ‘I’m going home’ and they said ‘No you’re not, it’s not your time’.”
“We did warn you it would be too hard and too overwhelming, and now here you are at 21 trying to check out,” the spirits told her.
Three days later, according to Poole, she went back to her regular form on Earth but could still recall the last few words she had heard from these extraterrestrial creatures.
She stated they assured her that a new ‘Golden Age’ for humanity would commence between 2012 and 2032.
“What we mean by the Golden Age is that for millennia now there has been an enormous amount of power, abuse and control…” Poole clarified, “All of that has been held by the few and has controlled the masses.
“This Golden Age is bringing an equality across the board, so that which is false and fake and untrue and corrupt will fall away.
Poole declared that she is a firm believer in this concept and asserted that a “day of reckoning” is drawing near.
“It’s coming up not so that we can have some sort of Armageddon, but the people in power that are corrupt are getting found out,” she went on.
“They’re getting caught and kicked out, and people that have a pure heart pure intentions are coming in instead.”

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